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Last month I kept finding myself in houses where a particularly good stager had left his/her mark. This isn't too surprising considering the type and volume of shoots I typically handle. I thought to myself; "I'm going to get in touch with this person, I could use a good stager to recommend!". I...
This might sound a bit odd but I wanted to take some time to discuss the importance of NOT taking photos. In fact, I think this is an crucial topic that often gets lost among the 'which lens' and 'how do I improve' conversations. So what are the main reasons behind this (somewhat) strange assert...
It seems like Aperture is one of those things that is perpetually confusing to people (I base this in part because it took me so dang long to feel like I really had a handle on it)! Of course, it's also one of the most important concepts to understand when working with a imaging device (like a c...
I've been absolutely swamped with business lately. Between the Buildex convention here in Seattle and 'normal' shooting (now averaging 3-4 bookings per day) I've had almost no time to visit AR. :( That said there is a very concerning issue at hand: The so called 'Orphan Works Bill'. BTW, full cr...
Here's a really simple for making 'knock your socks off' window / view shots. Are you ready? Here's the entire set of instructions. Place camera next to window Point halfway out window, halfway indoors Press button to take photo That's pretty much it! Clients feedback for these type of shots are...
If you've followed my blog much you'll probably note that I'm not much for 'equipment debate'. Lots of folks do enjoy arguing the various merits of this camera system over that and it's understandable as everyone wants the inside scoop on the best tools. Frankly though, while I think the right e...
A ways back I covered the basic process of converting a color digital image into black and white (or similar toned image): B&W Conversion I've wanted to do a quick follow up for a while now on dodging and burning (oh so useful when combined with B&W photography). What is Dodging and Burning?  D&...
As photographers we have a bad habit of only showing off only our best shots (I'm just as guilty of this as the next). However, in an effort to give clients a better view of what a complete shoot has to offer them I've started posting select shoots in full (well where space allows) on my website...
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and respect thereof. However, once in a while I run across a post where the information is at best misleading, at worst just plain wrong. I bumped into a post in the photography group today that is replete with errors.   What do we do about this? 1. Sen...
One of the fun things about photography is freeing yourself from the constraints 'rules' and just experimenting. Take a look at the image below. Would it surprise you if I told you I shot this in broad daylight? In fact, it was supremely bright outside. I simply underexposed the image (significa...

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