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Did you know that there are approximately 20 million taxpayers that are either in some stage of the collection process with the IRS or are believed to be non-filers. This is expected to continue to increase in the current economic environment related to COVID-19.  Unfortunately, if you don't solv...
There are times that it makes sense for a taxpayer with IRS tax problems to face the IRS on their own.   If the tax debt is fairly small, it may cost more to hire a professional than to simply pay the IRS directly or set up a payment plan.  Other times, the taxpayer may have the time to learn abo...
As we in previous blogs, a priority of helping taxpayers who come into our Richardson TX, tax office with business Payroll Tax Debt, is avoiding or minimizing the impact of the Trust Fund Recovery (TFRP). When the IRS makes a TFRP assessment against an individual, that individual becomes personal...
When businesses with Payroll Tax Debt come into our Richardson, TX tax office, one of my major priorities is avoiding the Trust Fund Recovery (TFRP) from being assessed against my clients. The TFRP is an assessment that the IRS makes against what it considers to be Responsible Persons and creates...
In previous posts, we’ve covered the complexity and catastrophic harm that can be caused when a business incurs Payroll Tax Debt. In addition to putting the business at risk, the IRS can assess personal liability to Responsible Persons of the business for the trust or fiduciary portion of the pay...
As we’ve covered in the past few blogs, Payroll Tax Debt can become a nightmare for a taxpayer who gets behind. In addition to the potential late filing and late deposit penalties to a corporation, LLC, or partnership for unpaid taxes, there is also the potential for personal liability, know as t...
As covered previously, Payroll Tax Debt issues are among the most complex and potentially the most damaging tax debt cases that we see in our Richardson, TX tax office. First, there are the potential penalties that can create a financial hole that’s almost impossible to dig out of. Then, there’s ...
Payroll Tax Debt can become a nightmare for a taxpayer who gets behind. In addition to the potential penalties to a corporation, LLC, or partnership for unpaid taxes that we reviewed in our previous blog, there is also the potential for personal liability. Today, we will cover Payroll Taxes and p...
When business owners come into our Richardson TX tax office with a payroll tax debt issue, it’s often more complex than a typical IRS 1040 tax debt problem.  Payroll Tax Debt not only may involve risk at the corporate or LLC level, but both owners and possibly other “responsible persons” can be h...
In  the next few months, many small businesses will struggle to survive due to the economic impacct of COVID-19.  In order to survive in difficult times, business owners often have to make decisions on what they should and shouldn't pay, and often it comes down to making decisions that have no go...

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