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Over the next week or two, I hope to write several blogs about the CARES ACT. The Cares Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President on March 27th. It contains a number of initiatives, with the goal of providing financial relief, to both individual and business taxpayers, and c...
Yesterday (March 25th, 2020) the IRS announced a People First Initiative, where the IRS announced that their priority would be helping taxpayers through uncertain times versus collection actions. These would include providing various payments relief and postponing taking compliance actions.  What...
If you’ve been listening to the news, you may have heard that the federal government has extended the due dates related to certain filing and tax payment due requirements for the 2019 tax year. I wanted to take a few moments to communicate the specifics of those changes.  On the Federal side, las...
When a Taxpayer owes income taxes to the federal government, the IRS does not immediately levy the taxpayer and take everything that they own. The IRS will typically send the taxpayer a number of notices. If the taxpayer doesn’t respond, the IRS may send a “Notice of Intent To Levy”. This notice ...
The Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) is a very powerful tool of the IRS.  When taxpayers have tax debt, one of the most common reasons they come to our Richardson, TX tax office is due to a tax lien. I will often be asked if I can contact the IRS and have the lien removed. As a general rule, the...
In an article I wrote a few weeks ago, we discussed why 2020 might be a good time to settle your tax debt. In that article, we discussed how the IRS had a reduction of resources over the past 10 years and how the tide had started to turn. The IRS was now seeing some increase allotted by Congress ...
When my clients come to me and provide me their tax information, I sometimes see red flags pop out that I address with them before filing. This review helps to minimize any issues they might have with future IRS reviews/audits. However, I also have taxpayers who come to me to represent them with ...
If you’ve owed the IRS over the past 10 years, while you may not have been lucky to have an IRS problem, in general, we've seen a much less aggressive IRS in collecting tax debt.  As an Advocate for Taxpayers with IRS problems, I have found the IRS to be less likely to take agressive enforcement ...
Many of the Taxpayer’s coming into our Richardson, TX tax office with IRS Debt have a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) or are under threat of an NFTL. As you’ve learned over the past few weeks, the Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) is a powerful tool of the IRS and having an NFTL filed can wreak...
In 2017, Congress passed The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was the largest piece of tax legislation that we’ve seen in three decades. The new law had an impact on almost all taxpayers who came to our Richardson, TX tax office, as well as taxpayers throughout the country. Most of the changes...

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