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“Opportunistic Retail” - Sophisticated investors refuse to be fooled by the news and the naysayers. As we move into a new economic cycle and a flight to safety mentality drives asset class rotation, opportunistic retail investments abound. In today’s post I’ll share my thoughts on why opportunist...
Getting Your Property Financed Being Capital Markets Savvy in a Down Economy by Bo Barron, Advisor Sperry Van Ness – Kentucky I rarely have a conversation these days where the topic of financing doesn’t arise as a serious concern for my clients. When the economy is robust, and the capital markets...
Overview The Big Picture Even the most astute commercial real estate investors are no doubt perplexed as to what strategies and tactics will best serve them in 2009...So, what makes 2009 different than any other year for real estate managers and investors? A recession, a capital and credit crisis...
Today's tight capital and credit markets are forcing many corporations and small businesses to become creative in their search for liquidity to free-up suddenly constrained balance sheets. In turning over every stone in the hunt for liquidity, many entities simply overlook the value of their corp...

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