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There is a small group of dolphins off the coast of Southern Florida doing something no other dolphins in the world do. The fish they're after is way to fast for them. So instead of pointless chasing and starving, they have developed a clever - and very effective - technique: The Mud Ring. Being ...
Jimmy is a real agent just like you an I. A while back he sent me a short video describing his results with expired listings. And yes, it's a cleverly  disguised endorsement for the new Expired Plus 2.0 that just came out :) Check it out:
So many people have been asking me about the new Expired Plus 2.0 coming out on Wednesday. Well, I wanted to give you something from it you can use right away.  Go out this afternoon, and turn a lead into a listing. BUT... in addition to all the new expired letters and materials, we shot over 8 ...
I have a confession to make. I wasn't very comfortable on the phone at first (or very good at it, for that matter) when I first started working expired listings. OK, the truth is I sucked. I felt like I was bothering people and I didn't like to talk to strangers. BUT... I was losing a lot of busi...

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