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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.
For years -- YEARS I was doing all wrong. You know, the usual: set goals, make a plan, work hard...  Didn't work for me.  And I have a feeling it's not working much for you either, right? So let me give you another, easier - and more effective way on Wednesday, October 9, 2013. I'll show you how ...
Market is heating up pretty much everywhere... Inventory is low, not as many expireds anymore, and good listings are hard to come by. So now what do you do? I just put finishing touches on a brand new training for you. On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 I will show you four specific strategies to gene...
I am putting together a system of mailings to expired listings and FSBOs.  In your opinion will your letters, and system work without the call?  I just want to follow a system that has been proven that does not make me get on the phone and hate my business. ~MikeOrem, Utah Thanks for the email, M...
  I just got back from a week riding a bike and I have to tell you - it was awesome. Tired? A little, sure. But also excited. Before I went on the trip, I took my bike for a tune-up. It made a huge difference and it ran like a dream. Let's give you and your business a tune-up, too. There are some...
In the final chapter of How to get more good seller and buyer leads, listings and commissions with video, you will learn what are the seven deadly sins of bad real estate video: from bad sound, to boring content... And how to fix it. You will also meet our advanced quality testing team that inspe...
You know, success in real estate business it’s pretty simple, really… MORE GOOD LEADS = MORE BUSINESS. I know, DUH!   Of course, you can stick with the same old ‘prospect prospect prospect‘, but seriously – is that enough? Cold calling, door knocking, farming… There is a better, easier way.   You...
Real estate video is quickly becoming a dominant marketing force. In this new video series you will learn how to make awesome, interesting, and profitable real estate videos. You will learn why YouTube is the best real estate farm, why Oprah is the ultimate badass marketer, why video is becoming ...
It's a bit crazy morning here at the Casa De Borino. See, our six-year old has a class performance today and a sweet little girl has turned into a diva (she has NOTHING to wear!) :) But before I return and help handle the crisis, I wanted to make sure you saw my invitation for tomorrow - Wednesda...
  I have another Listing University Exclusive for you...   * Real Estate Rockstar Success Stories *   This Wednesday, March, 27, 2013, two successful agents will show you what's working for them right now (they are NOT trying to sell anything, just share and teach you some cool tips).   You will ...
Hey Borino, I just got an ugly email from a past listing agent. She said that the letters that I’m mailing out are very unprofessional and are putting the past agents in a bad light. (This is a quick summary of the nasty email and phone call I got.) The homeowners are sending these letters to her...

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