Expired Listings, Real Estate Marketing, and the Zen of Success

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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.
One of my Double Your Listings Bootcamp students asked: "You hear all the time that coaching works but you have to be coachable. How does one become coachable?" Many successful real estate agents, business people, even artists and athletes have a coach. What are the benefits and how do you make i...
How important is it to drive a luxury car and wear fancy clothes as a real estate agent? Can your car and your clothes make you more successful? Plus - a simple strategy to help you (re)connect with your sphere of influence and get more leads, referrals, listings, clients, and commissions. What i...
HOW TO GET MORE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS RIGHT NOW - Borino Coaching The most important elements of success (and making more money as a real estate agent). Strategies to help you end the year strong and prepare for a spike of new expired listings leads. How to turn them into listings, clients and com...
For many years I was holding on to my story about not being good at something. And that story was holding me back. Do you have a story you're sticking to? It may be blocking you from being a successful real estate agent. That story can be blocking you from reaching your goals. Remember that it's ...
There is one word - one part of your mindset that can turn struggle and poverty into wealth and success. One piece of advice that helped coach Borino go from a struggling real estate agent to a successful rockstar - expectations. This shift from poor, limiting mindset to the one of money, commiss...
Motivation Minute With Borino. Quick tip for inspiration to help you become a successful real estate agent - and get more good leads, more listings, more clients...and earn more commissions. Borino provides real estate coaching and training for agents, brokers and realtors. How to prospect, commu...
Strategy that will turn 2018 in your best year in the business. There are three things that will separate the elite agents who will crush it, and those who will fail and quit the business. Coach Borino will show you systems needed to be(come) a successful real estate agent: 1. The right mindset (...
That's the beautiful thing about being a real estate agent: no matter what happened yesterday, last week, or last month - you can start fresh today, right now. There are plenty of opportunity to get great leads, meet new clients, take good listings... and get paid plenty of commissions. Want more...
In this addition of Borino's coaching for real estate agents and brokers you will learn how to approach prospects and sellers who are going through difficult times - natural disasters, personal problems, health issues, etc. How to prospect, get leads, clients and listings in tough situations - wi...
In this coaching session, Borino talks about the unavoidable part of the real estate business while prospecting, generating leads, doorknocking, calling expired listings, working FSBOs, or following up - REJECTION. The fear of rejection and the discomfort is an issue many real estate agents deal ...

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