Expired Listings, Real Estate Marketing, and the Zen of Success

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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.
Should You List Overpriced Listings - Borino's Real Estate Success Advice For Real Estate Agents.You prospect, follow up, market and promote your service... You work hard to get a good seller lead...Then you get a listing appointment with the seller.... Prepare a detailed CMA and present it to th...
Complete real estate system for agents to get more qualified leads, listings, and sales from your next open house. This video is from a live coaching session by your real estate coach Borino. Many agents use open house to prospect and generate buyer and seller leads. But it is often difficult to ...
Here are the topics we discuss in this week's Ask Borino Live Real Estate coaching:How Jason, a successful Coldwell Banker agent figured out what has been the secret of getting business and listings: "Not a fancy drone, advanced marketing, or virtual home tours. It was the fact that he thought th...
Real estate is not an easy business. All that prospecting, hustling, lead generation, working long hours to get listings, deals and clients. It requires plenty of discipline, motivation, and focus. 8 out of 10 real estate agents don't make it. Here is a little inspiration and motivation to help y...
George and his wife are real estate agents who have just moved to a new area and a new market. They would like to get some tips and advice how to get their new business up and running quickly, and start taking listings. Even if they don't have a long track record, a big list of past clients, or s...
Your real estate coach Borino will share with you in this video how to break bad habits - in real estate and in life - and how to make changes so you can become a successful, prosperous real estate agent. We often fall victim to poor habits and patterns that hold us in place. How to use inspirati...
Find out why some real estate agents - good competent agents, keep losing listings. Apply the 3-part formula to convert more motivated leads into clients and listings. You will see that prospecting for leads is not enough. How to fix your follow up process to get more appointments (and why the 'd...
How To Be TRUSTED As A Real Estate Agent - And Get More Clients. How To Make Your Prospects Trust You - And Turn Them Into Clients. Live real estate coaching session for agents with your coach Borino. You may be the hardest working realtor on the planet: prospecting, following up, holding open ho...
How can you as a new real estate agent provide good helpful information to your potential clients? What can you share if you don't have tons of closed sales, or years of experience as a realtor? One of my students asked: If you are a new agent, and still in a learning phase, it may not be the bes...
Your real estate coach Borino will address this question from an agent: "How many of you take a full day off each week? Sunday is supposed to be my day off but I'm tempted to work but don't want burn out from never taking time off."How to stay productive, organized, and profitable, but without wo...

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