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Gary Schneider sent this to me this morning. Important news for all of us real estate owners: Good Morning,Did you know that House Bill 521 was passed and signed into law? The Bill transfers the burden of proof from the homeowner to the Property Appraiser's office in property value disputes. In t...
Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) Here I am day two of my five day asset management class in St. Petersburg Florida. It was a hard first morning. I was still recovering from a long weekend of familly fun at Disney, compounded by a lot of driving in the past few days. We kicked it off this morni...
I am presenting to my Board of Realtors The Gainesville Alachua County Association of Realtors next week on Property Management. I wondered what are the hot topics out there right now? What questions do Realtors have about Property Management. Are there any things about property managers you don'...
Right now it might just be the best time ever to send our past clients an anniversary CMA. Some of you might think that in the worst real estate downturn of our lives that might be a lot crazy! Afterall let sleeping dogs lie right. What they don't know won't hurt them will it? Wrong! In Florida,...
The cover of the wall street journal today reported that French Fianancier Thierry Magon de La Villehouchet apparently took his life after discovering that his investment fund lost 1.5 billion in the Madoff scandal. When I first read this I was tempted to blog something along of the lines of how ...
 Jenn G at 8:03am December 19 hey- I thought about your posting on becoming a landlord the other day. My brother, who is a law student, just won his first case against his former landlord and was awarded TRIPLE his deposit. So I guess you really want to know the legal stuff of becoming a landlor...
Early this morning I twittered the thought:  "Thinking about the divergence between escapism and reality. NPR lays off 85 and the Yankees Sign Sabithia for 165 million." Later this morning Reuters reported that Jobless claims have hit a 28 year high at 573,000 and that the past numbers are worse ...
TOP 10 Terms Every First Time Home Buyer and their REALTOR Should Know.  1. Who is a first time home buyer? Anyone who is a US Citizen that files taxes and has not owned a home within the past three years qualifies as a first time home buyer. Some non US citizens may qualify as first time home bu...
                           As soon as people find out I run a property management business in addition to managing a sales force, the ritual comments fall along the lines of "Well that business must be booming, People still need places to live." Or "I bet everyone wants to rent right now." Well t...
Well here is my crack at a real estate blog. I've wanted to start one for almost two years now, so in my own mind anyway I was ahead of the curve, now I'm late to the party. Feel free to comment anyhow you like. I could just as easily, and possibly will tell you the top 10 things to consider befo...

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