There are a lot of opinions on whether open houses are useful or not.  Really it depends on what side of the real estate deal you are on. Here’s a look at what’s in it for you as a…   Hosting AgentMost say the biggest benefit of an open house goes to the hosting agent.  The reason for this is, it...
Our friends at Silverman Law Office recently did an interview with Andrew Hurlburt, the owner of Bozeman Real Estate Group. In this interview, you learn about Andrew's work history, how he ended up in Bozeman, and what prompted him to start Bozeman Real Estate Group. Click here for the podcast ve...
Andrew Hurlburt is the Broker/Owner of Bozeman Real Estate Group in Bozeman, Montana.  Andrew founded Bozeman Real Estate Group as an answer to need for an office that was dedicated to delivering more than just the standard real estate experience. Sounding founding Bozeman Real Estate Group in 20...
Bozeman’s population is growing, fast. And everyone is wondering, where are people moving to Bozeman from? We’ve got the answer!Bozeman’s Gallatin County is by far the fastest-growing county in the state of Montana. In the last 7 years, Gallatin County has seen its population increase by nearly 6...

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