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Here are some great stats on the low fico FHA program's success/failure at Wells Fargo...I think the point here is, it's great to have the program available, but just be aware that the likelihood of success is pretty slim.600 FICO!  3.5% Down!  "A Proactive Approach Because You Deserve It!"  ...a...
Here is a follow up post from Jeff Belonger.  Please let your voice be heard.  IMPORTANT CALL TO ACTION - Hot topic - Reduction of seller concessions on FHA loans to 3% max     I wrote this article the other day, HUD seeks public comment on three main issues for FHA loans. - The main issue and fo...
Here is a great post about from Jeff Belonger that I agree with completely.  We need to let HUD and our government know that their "reform" is counterproductive to their goals of helping people own homes AND reducing foreclosures.  Please comment to HUD about this.  You can make a difference - yo...
Here are some good, relevant tips about price reductions for the Realtors out there.  Love 'em or hate 'em...take what works for you and make it your own!After 15 years of selling financial products, I am very comfortable talking numbers with people... Pricing is the key to selling homes. Yes, yo...
Here is an interesting post by Chris Thomas regarding Fannie Mae's changing appraisal rules.  It's good information to be aware of.Fannie Mae appraisal rules are changing.  Here's what you need to know:  If an interior inspection is required, the following photographs must be included in the appr...
"The Other Side of the Coin" offers an interesting point!I just read a featured blog by Walter Hayes called "Realtor Lawsuits" and have to say I was shocked by the comments.  Walter's blog stated he's heard "homeowners who have lost their homes to foreclosure are coming after agents and suing bec...
Here is an interesting blog post I came across for all the Realtors who haven't seen this, yet!I had someone yesterday tell me that supposedly homeowners who have lost their homes to foreclosure are coming after agents and suing because their home didn't sell and ended up being foreclosed on. Sup...
I'm excited about this one!!!!RainCamp Las Vegas - The Highest "Payout" Odds in Nevada! RainCamp™ Las Vegas is confirmed for April 1st, 2010.  This is NOT an April Fool, but it is a great opportunity to get away for the weekend, enjoy mixing some business with pleasure, and be one of our guests i...
Here is a great article about branding and sign usage for the real estate industry.  I found this one very interesting and relevant. Now, I know most people are saying to themselves "What can a guy that makes signs know about real estate?"  Okay, you got me... not much.  I am a simple creature th...
Here it is, straight from the keyboard of the FHA Commissioner right on ActiveRain about the upcoming FHA changes.  This is gives us more detail than we've seen before.I wanted to take a moment to make sure you are familiar with events surrounding a sweeping set of policy changes for FHA announce...

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