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Because there's so much to do and keep track of in the foreclosure business there's constant pressure to get it all done on time. And because of such pressure and trustee sale deadlines you'll be prone to cutting corners. Just be absolutely sure that you don't cut corners in such vital areas as d...
Forming a business entity is an involved process and should be thought out before you do it. In my experience, the decision to incorporate is largely tax driven - you make enough money that your accountant determines there are tax advantages to incorporating. The other reason for the decision is ...
Years ago, at the foreclosure auctions in California, it was required that you pay your winning bid either in cash or by Cashier's Check. Nowadays though, in addition to just cash or Cashier's Check, you can pay your winning bid with almost any negotiable instrument issued by a California deposit...
Every business has its unique patterns of boom or bust. Speculating in foreclosures is no different, except that it is a counter-cyclical business. The best bargains abound during periods of high interest rates or economic gloom when the general economy is at its worst and hardly anybody is inter...

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