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What a great month October is! All my life.... well as long as I can remember I have enjoyed the heck out of October. Growing up in Phoenix every September I wondered why in the world did my folks move here. Then October came and we had 9 months of pretty amazing weather.... Same with Rocky Poin...
Here's to the good days of August!! Sure a few hot ones but We are confident we will have our nights where we will think ... cold drink, ocean view, good friends - not a bad life!! For the bumps we have a great article from success magazine about avoiding distractions. We especially like number ...
Family, Friends, Clients and amazing moms!Hope everyone is having a great month of May. While there really is some very cool information from new opportunities to leadership traits - this month really is about Mothers day! Where would we be without those that brought us into this crazy thing call...
Family friends and clients, Amazing we are already well into February. I know tomorrow we will wake up and be preparing for least sometimes it feels this way. For today I hope you enjoy our newsleter.From what we do here helping people build memories on the beach to ways to liv...
  To our RE/MAX clients, Family and Friends   October is here!! Walked outside a few nights back and smiled. The weather has shifted - 9 months of the Rocky Point good life - no AC needed. Hope you enjoy this months newsletter. From great properties for sale to motivational videos not to mention...
    To our RE/MAX clients, Family and Friends   Hope everyone has had a great month of September so far! Rocky Point sure is busy! The weather is warm but with a cold drink and the ocean view... life is really good. Be it past present or future we just want to say thank you for letting us keep y...
Hope everyone is having a great start to December - where has the year gone! While this year was amazing we believe 2016 can be even better. For this month we have the good stuff of course being great values, easy access to the areas in RP you have interest in, calendar of events - what we also ...
    Hope you are had an amazing start to your December!!   This month we have some great information from Rocky Point great values to the 10 things successful people never do again! If by chance you or someone you know is interested in RP we are here to serve you!!    It is a good life! RE/MAX  ...
 My value to you video - Click Here! Rocky Point good life begins again! While our summers can be warm, while the ocean breeze takes the edge off nothing compares to October. The weather is absolutely amazing so come on down and enjoy the good life!   One of our favorite ways to say thank you is ...
  What a year it has been from the market getting better to moving offices after 8 years in our previous location - not to mention the memories with family and friends. Safe to say a lot of life going on. In this months RP news we have the good old calendar and links to best values for sale ( we ...

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