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For the entrepreneurs out there, I thought I’d change it up a bit and give you a peek behind the curtain of running a real estate business.  I started selling real estate in 2001 and founded the team in 2004; since then it has been an exciting ride.  The market has shifted multiple times, the exp...
July is a good month to reflect on market gains from the spring and project forward through the rest of the year. The market got a slow start to the year and most agents seem to agree it had something to do with the extended winter. Our spring market came late and was compressed, finally hitting ...
How long should I be prepared to hold my new house if needed?  This is a common question from our buyers.  The answer varies depending on market conditions of course, though let’s look at the most difficult situation and answer from that perspective. The real estate downturn, which started in 200...
Anything long distance can be a struggle. No matter if it’s a relationship or a home purchase, certain ideals and conveniences are surrendered and put into the hands of others. Ryan Snedaker, an agent at Brandon Green Companies, has been in long distance buyer situations numerous times and has be...
Summer is winding down and cooler temperatures have begun to surface. Right now, the cool weather may just be mid sixties, but soon enough the lows will begin to average around the forties. Now that the season is changing, there are plenty of tasks necessary to get your home ready for fall and lo...
It is usually about this time of year I get my crystal ball down off the shelf to predict the fall into winter market. As agents, we’re in a position to sense shifts and changes long before they reach media outlets, so I’m happy to provide my perspective. I believe the fall market will be dominat...
“How do I make my value known and understood?” This is a question Troy Patterson, an agent with Brandon Green Companies, asks himself on a near-daily basis when it comes to meeting new potential clients. “Most everyone can get the [same] information a Realtor finds online; my job is to find out t...
Wrapping your head around the home buying process can prove to be a difficult transition, especially when it comes to dealing with unfamiliar phrases and terms. One of the most crucial comes into play when you are finally dealing with the numbers game part of the process. In an Ebay-centric socie...
Brandon Green Companies, a residential real estate sales team under the umbrella of Keller Williams Capital Properties is pleased to announce Mr. J.P. Montalvan has joined the company. Founded in 2001, Brandon Green Companies’ rise to the top of the industry includes a #31 ranking in the 2013 Edi...
Home buyers have a lot to worry about when it comes to making sure they have everything they want in their new home. The condition and health of your new home is more than enough to think about, but sometimes you have to look deeper than just the condo, but the condo building itself. D.C. home bu...

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