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Brendan Cooke and Catrin Davies with Passport Realty at the Firehouse Real Estate Center discuss all things related to Baltimore City Real Estate!
Many of my faithful blog followers know that in addition to my career in real estate, I am a professional opera singer.  This has led me to meet some really colorful characters in my day.  Everyone has a story, but there is none more amazing, devastating, encouraging, hopeful, touching and worth ...
As my faithful followers know, in addition to my career in real estate, I have long enjoyed a career in opera, both as a singer and a general director.  Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I submit a proposal to an organization called IGNITE BALTIMORE.  At the time, I knew nothing about th...
Many of my blog followers know that my first career was in the field of opera.  Time on the road and away from the family, made switching my JOB (opera) and HOBBY (real estate) a couple of years ago, pretty easy!  Now, I still do sing on occasion, and I also run a small opera company here in Balt...
I was meeting with a business development group this past week (yes, I know, hard to believe that networking still takes place off of the net!) and wanted to share an interesting story.   A colleague of mine is a loan officer with a bank that was recently acquired by another company.  In all of t...
A little over a year ago, we ran this video on our website, showing how easy it is to commute from Baltimore's Mt. Vernon neighborhood to DC. I was sifting through old files on the computer, and thought I'd run it the weather is warm in this video, perhaps it will cheer everyone up! In...
OK, so I know that I have been blogging more than my fair share about Google voice, and the implications that it has for a real estate agent.  I mentioned in a previous post that I am relying on this service heavily when it comes to "filtering leads."  This really does fit in nicely to my series ...
Thanks to those of you who commented on my earlier post regarding my goals to have more time, and less waste in 2010. I am hardly what I would call a "techie" but I am realizing that there is so much technology out there, that if harnessed properly, can really help me achieve my goals of : 1) Fin...
Now, I am not so much of a "resolution" person, because I'm usually no good at keeping them.  I do, however relish the New Year, as it is a time to reflect on the previous year, assess your victories and failures and plan for what lies ahead in the new year. I have realized that if I take a few d...
Following up on my previous blog post about the powerful combination of GOOGLE MAPS, and the Verizon DROID phone, I thought I would also share some thoughts about another free service offered by Google, called Google Voice.  This tool is almost singlehandedly changing the way I do business.   How...
For many years, I stuck with an antiquated GPS system, because it had a great "route optimization" function.  I found that I could enter in all of my showings for the day, hit a button, and the most sensible route would be generated in order to include all of my destinations.  It was really a gre...

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