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There is so much negativity about the real estate market, locally, regionally, and nationally.  Yes, it is true that home values have dropped markedly.  Yes, it's also true that many, many homeowners face the threat of foreclosure.  It clearly isn't the best of times we have ever seen.  But it's ...
It's my belief that the very best outcome would be to keep homeowners in their homes, whether that's through loan modifications, short refinance, or some other workout plan. But many of these homeowners are facing chronic, long term hardships that make modifications virtually impossible. If homeo...
I climbed the dunes! One year ago today, at the age of 45, I suffered a stroke.  The damage was pretty bad: no balance, loss of motor control in my left leg, double vision, and numbness in the left side of my head.  I was overweight, with many of the attendant problems:  high blood pressure, type...
So many time I have looked at a listing on the internet, read it and scrolled throught the photos.  All is well until I get to the property and discover it is next to a landfill (an extreme fictitious example). My point is that all too often an agent (especially the new one) will choose to leave ...
My last  blog dealt with the issue of foreclosures, and I expounded on my professional opinion that foreclosure is an avoidable option.  I wrote primarily about working out issues with the lender or loan servicer.  Fortunately, if you have the means and desire to stay in your home, your lender wi...
It's no secret that millions of homeowners across the country are facing the possible loss of their homes.  We read headlines every day decrying the woes of the housing industry.  Well, people, I have to say this:  this is not a housing crisis, it's a human crisis.  These are real people who are ...

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