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Active Rain is a wonderful place I've come to appreciate to receive and give helpful real estate information. Also, to keep visitors apprised regarding the St George area in such a way that ones credibility as a local REALTOR can grow.
St George, Utah has had its ups and downs just like other places.  Fortunately for us St Georgian's, the market has driven prices down far enough for snow birds to take advantage of it.  Now, when the market is picking up, the typical wave and mass migration to get out of the cold, of the snow bi...
As a specialist in Retirement Communities for the St George Utah area, I often get people asking me if it isn't just costing them more money to be in a 55+ community, than it is worth.  It is not uncommon that these retirees do notice a steeper price tag on the home. So, what are the benefits of ...
The real estate values in St George Utah have both bottomed out and come up some this first half of 2012, about 3% in appreciation rate.  All this bodes well for the local area being in recovery mode.  Not many areas around the nation can talk about reduced inventory levels, less time of homes on...
St George real estate market activity has picked up to almost a feverish level.  Last November a prediction was made that the St George realty appreciation would increase 8% from our 2011 summer to summer of 2012 market prices.  According to numbers, it looks like this has happened.  One example ...
The St George Utah Real Estate market has been hit by some of the most daunting fluxuations in the market place in the United States.  While California and the likes have been pacing a steady rise in real estate values, before they fell, St George shot up like a bullet as one of the last harbor's...
A recent forecast for 10 housing markets that are poised for the biggest price recovery was given by, where St George Utah Real Estate ranked #6.  This is pretty significant given the current depressed nature of our economy to predicting any cities for significant price recovery, ...
I decided to update people on what is making me more successful in my real estate career.  Why do I say update?  Well, because first it sounds exciting and because let's face it, both our world and our real estate is fast paced and MOVING.  So update is correct, because if you quit moving, which ...
Recently I teamed up with a professional short sale intermediary company that does have the newly required in-house licensed Realtor (non-competing), to discuss my own personal ethics regarding how much I as a Realtor like to encourage people towards a short sale or not.  I know there are several...
Do most good agents show short sales?  This is a good question that beckons more investigation.  You see, ever since buyers agents have started showing short sales, they are noticing that they have to work 10 times harder for a deal.  Then, even as I 'think of my buyer' and keep showing short sal...
I wanted to share my appreciation for Active Rain by sermonizing part of what I see inside Active Rain, to represent one of the grand purposes of life, let me cal it- The Secret to Life.  That purpose is to find in people from all different backgrounds a common thread of optimism, faith in the fu...

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