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I'm sure I'll be speaking with you soon enough if you have a Joint Venture candidate. As always, I'm going to tell you like it is. What is important to your/our JV partner is as follows: 1. Lots of muscle and experience in managament. If you don't have it, you need to be prepared to hire it. 2. I...
We are looking for developers with great international projects above the 100M USD range. All projectst will be considered but we prefer those with a humanitarian benefit and impact. Ask for Brian at 281-852-9422 or email me at brian@walkercf.com skype: brian.walker7  
Whoooooaaaa....everybody loves Christmas ....unless you are in a hurry. My advice is to relax. Private money goes to sleep shortly before thanksgiving and comes back to life in the first working week of January. So....don't get all huffy and puffy...it's just that no one is*******just to tease yo...
Hey Folks, I've recent been published the peer-reviewed Scotsman Guide on Venture Capital. Please click on this link for the full article: http://www.scotsmanguide.com/default.asp?ID=3702 We'll worth the read and probably shocking to most who are new to the business. Thanks, Brian
Time are tough. Enough said. One of the worst things you can do is "shop your deal". What I mean by this is sending your transaction (currency exchange, project development) to a) multiple funders; or b) multiple brokers. The most dangerous is sending it to multiple brokers. Or worse yet, a brok...
Banking as we once knew it is gone for a very long time. In fact, very few institutional banks funded large commercial projects in 2008. I have substantial visibility into the market and the only institutional activity I saw was banks calling their notes due immediately. Banks were forced to do ...
In the recent past, nearly 70% of all commercial appraisals were ordered by the banks that were going to fund the project. Now that banks are absent from the performing funding space, many developers are left with the responsibility of ordering an appraisal. Unfortunately, many of the appraisals ...
If you do, we need to talk. There's a very high probability of Walker Commercial Funding being able to fund your project if you do. Please call Brian Walker at 281-852-8298 or email me brian@walkercf.com.
Many people ask me, is Walker Commercial Funding a direct lender or a broker? That's a tricky question...in most situations, Walker Commercial Funding is a "correspondent lender." So, what does that mean? That means we don't actually lend the money, but we do a lot more than a broker. A broker me...
Hey Folks, the ice has finally thawed for funding Mexican projects. I'm very pleased to announce that we will be closing 3 three mexican transactions (one land and two resort projects) on Monday and Tuesday of this week. No, these are not miracle closings. They are just "make sense" deals that sh...

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