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The market continues to contract and the jumbo market is squeezing ever tighter...although my primary focus is commercial, I still do residential deals for my commercial clients...many of these are jumbo stated income loans...and, because of the Wall Street mayhem in the past few weeks, some of t...
Hey folks!As you know a commercial appraisal on an apartment complex/multi-family property can cost between $2500-$10,000. The borrower always pays this expense up front. I have a lender that does the appraisal at no cost to the borrower....the only catch is that it must be a 75% loan to value......
 The commercial lenders are tightening their grips on their more flexible programs....no need panic, just make sure your loans are place with DIRECT lenders, not "super brokers" that actually sell the loans to the direct lenders...be careful! If you are shopping a commercial lender, be sure to as...
Gas Station and Convenience Store lending (c-stores with gas pumps, that is)....I've done several of these recently and found the SBA 504 loan the best way to go. Why? Pretty simple...a borrower with experience in this field can get into the property for just 10% down...and the next best option i...
Just what is a "No Doc" commercial loan?No Doc loans are best for clients who cannot document self employment or any employment for two years...they don't even need to have a job, for that matter. Additionally, they don't need to have even filed taxes....ever! We don't document their "source of f...
Conduit or Portfolio Lender?Commercial loans usually fall into one of two categories: Conduit(CMBS) or Portfolio loans. Both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to pricing and flexibilty. Conduit or CMBS are loans made by lending institutions which carry the lowest interest rate...
Hey folks,I created this blog to answer questions and de-mystify the commercial lending world. I operate a full-service shop for commercial finance...I'd like to say that I prefer clients that have been turned down by at least one bank. Why? Because those clients will have a better appreciation f...

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