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REOs are picking up again. I have 2 new assignments - maybe 2010 will be a mix of REO and short sale. Have a lockout with the sheriff tomorrow - oh please oh please let them move out in the am before we get there. They have only had 4 extra months after the foreclsoure!!!
Got my first Bank of America short sale on reotrans. It is one of my current short sales that B of A loaded onto reotrans. Very simple to use and I am loving it. My goal is to ramp up as many short sales as possible for 2010 as all indicators are that the next few years will be the years of short...
BPO orders were up last week which usually means short sales are getting looked at or loan modifications. Also got a new REO assignment. Looks like it will be busy all month!
I am so excited that Bank of America has finally automated their short sale process. I just got my first short sale assigned with them online. I believe this is going to expedite the process for 2010 and beyond. The system allows for all documents to be in one place that you, your client and B of...
This training is inspired by Pat Parelli the horse foundation program that I am a student of. I am going to take what Pat says in his horse program and tell you how it relates so well to your real estate business and life in general. I am "lucky" (if luck means work) to b...
I have had the great fortune recently to fullfill a life long dream of owning a horse (well 2 actually). I was raised around horses growing up and rode weekly but never owned my own horse. I volunteered at therapeutic riding facilities, stables riding other peoples show horses etc etc. Finally, i...
2008 is here and promises to be an interesting year for those of us in the real estate arena. As an active real estate broker, I am filled with optimism and excitement at what this year will bring for my business. I am also filled with confidence because I have a road map in place to help me achi...
We all have heard the news that our real estate market nationally is challenged, but we need to remember that real estate is a local business. Always has been and always will be. While the market here in Vancouver WA has experienced a decrease in sales and increaes in inventory, buyers are still ...

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