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This blog centers around the adventures and observations of experienced stager, Juliet Johnson, who has specialized in the luxury real estate market of North Central New Jersey for the last 8 years and is now located in Jacksonville, FL. Along the way, I've picked up ton of tips about relocating, since I've now moved 3 times in 3 years, and a fair amount of skill in web based marketing and local SEO. I now offer online visibility training and social media management to small businesses, realtors and home sellers throughout the US.
I have such a cute 2 bedroom, 1 bath listing, and no matter how I present it, it just isn't getting the traffic it deserves. I can't stage the thing, it's a rental. I can't lower the price, the owner is adamant that it's costing the full $600 to cover the carrying charges on the thing...what to d...
The clouds are lifting. I have now rented the same home twice.  Fingers crossed on this current accepted offer. I have some more listings, ( 8 now) and two are quite high-end for this marketplace which is great fun for me, and a nice jog back to my comfort zone.  This week culminated in New Membe...
They always say, if you're relocating, rent for a year and get to know the place before you buy.  The challenge here is that we are in the bottom of the pricing cycle; it's really tempting to feel like it's important to jump in and buy NOW! You may feel like a customer of mine last night, who sai...
[Written January 13, 2010, but delayed in posting because I don't have a routine organized yet.]   I WAS Juliet Johnson Staging, one of the top staging firms in NJ that served homes in the $1 - 3 million niche.  My clients were top producing realtors at the top of their game and my customers all ...
Recent Staging before I started to close up shop to move down to Myrtle Beach.  All we really did was remove all the wallpaper and repaint.  Sadly I don't have befores of when the wall paper was up.   Are these After pictures not the worst in the world?  I didn't get back to take my own, but thou...
Moving to a new place often means you have to start from scratch meeting people.  This is the case for me in Myrtle Beach; I know no-one.  We're going there because of the golf, the water and the incredibly well-valued cost of living.  So, I've signed up for Meet-Ups, as a first step.  The first ...
Is it too soon? There are a few consults scheduled for this next month in December, but it is unlikely that any real staging will take place now until January. (by which time, I shall be operating in our new community of Myrtle Beach, SC.) The NJ real estate market - in the NYC suburbs I served -...
    Many kind folks have been asking "what's up wi choo?"  and while I have not intended to be strangely mysterious, I've not known when would be the right time to start telling folks.  It's not like I've the status of Oprah... as if!  Now that Thanksgiving is over... here's what I'm up to. My fa...

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Once a Manhattan realtor, I have bought and sold 12 homes in 19 years in 4 countries. That, and 7 years of staging homes for sale in New Jersey adds up to a lot of experience.

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