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How many times have you read an article about an athlete who lost everything after making millions in the pros? It is an all too rare occurence, and it is not about to go away any time soon because when athletes do not finish school and literally fall right into all that money they simply get stu...
Even though the short sale process has gone from a live human being to completely impersonal with the Equator online program it does not mean that you still cannot close your transaction. Based on the progress I have seen over the years maybe this is going to be better in the long run. When short...
Something is terribly wrong in this world when a football program and it's supposed leaders of a well recognized and respected program come before children who are raped.  Penn State and their leaders, including Joe Paterno, should be ashamed of themselves for not doing something about Jerry Sand...
As if the Everglades of South Florida did not have enough problems trying to sustain it's wildlife habitat another problem presents itself in the form snakes. Yeah, of course there are snakes in South Florida, but pythons are not indigenous to the area. This probably all started out with a few bo...

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