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How many times have you seen those obnoxious, cheap looking signs on the side of the road every time some hopped up scam artist know it all came through town that said something to the effect of "Real Estate Investor Trainees Wanted?"  Makes you want to jump up and call so you can get rich quick ...
If the news agency told you well in advance that a hurricane was coming to South Florida would you leave your house or batten down the hatches? I have to wonder why all these people in Atlanta were out on the road knowing full well that a big time storm was coming and the city is not at all prepa...
What worries you most about an inspection report? Well, if you live in South Florida I would concentrate on two things and leave the rest by the roadside.  And those are roof and air conditioning.  Unlike our neighbors to the North and West we don't have to worry about things like heat pumps and ...
Not all commercial office leasing space is the same. You can probably save yourself a lot of money by leasing a small satellite office space with an answering service for your business, but keep in mind that not all of these buildings are the same in looks, services, or price.  There are a lot of...
What a fantastic comparison of real estate profession and dating.  This could be a good example for a comparison paper at the local university for students to use.  Between the end of my first marriage and the beginning of my second, I was divorced for about 15 years.  I knew the right partner fo...
From what do you derive your realtor satisfaction? As a full-time practicing realtor for 16 years it has occurred to me that my greatest satisfaction is not how much money I make or how many deals I close, although many would use those factors as a measure of success, but rather seeing the look o...
Agents of ActiveRain have a gander at my newest real estate blog edition from Miami Agent Magazine here, is a real estate website that caters to realtors with many cities throughout the country represented....
After watching several episodes of House Hunters International I have come to the conclusion that real estate life as we know it is not quite the same.  The ongoing theme for showing property is three homes and done.  Afterwards everyone sits down at the kitchen table and signs a contract.  Usual...
Your mailbox says a lot about your home.  I do not say this or take this subject lightly.  As a realtor I factor in a home's mailbox into their curb appeal.  It also tells me whether or not the house itself is treated in the same way. I have to wonder aloud about how difficult it is to maintain y...

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