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Top ten reasons medical marijuana is god for Florida.          1. Crime will be drastically reduced. 2. Coast guard can concentrate on things other than smuggling. 3. Pill dispensing doctors will be put out of business. 4. Less people will be addicted to harder drugs. 5. So much money will pour i...
Lakefront Tamarac, Florida Townhome for sale.  Offered at $159,900. this lovely, one of a kind townhome boasts a private, screened-in patio overlooking the lake, a one car garage, three bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths, ample parking, and a private community pool nearby.  Call Morris Massre of Berkshire ...
So my seller's lawyer calls me and says that he wants to eliminate the clause that states the buyer can purchase via cash or mortgage loan and replace it with cash only.  Now, you would think that if this guy is as smart and savvy a lawyer as he represents then he would know that by eliminating t...
Huge furniture sale in Dania, Florida.  My client just inherited a condo and he wants to start over, so everything in the unit is for sale.  If you live anywhere South Florida this could be a very good opportunity to furnish your unit.  Among the items for sale are a leather couch with two matchi...
As if the Department of transportation couldn't make it any more difficult to drive on I-595 in Broward County Florida they add all kinds of new lanes, exits, and toll lanes.  What was wrong with the old road?  Maybe they just needed an excuse to put people to work?  Nevertheless, here is your gu...
What you should never leave a listing appointment without explained. Of course, the most important thing to leave with is a contract, so that goes without being said, but here are my six top things an agent should not leave a listing appointment withou.  I like to prep my future clients in advanc...
I had a real estate brainstorm at a wedding..and I was sloshed too! I admit I had one too many, but I think better when I'm sloshed.  And while I was at this wedding at least four different people approached me for my business card, and like an idiot, I didn't have one!  So I thought to myself, w...
Miami developer wants to build on top of historic Tequesta site.  You may think I am a sentimentalist or anti-development when it comes to preserving Miami's historic sites, but if we allow developers to build over everything there will nothing left to show the world of our history.  There were o...
Watch this 30 second video for my Valentines message to all the Rainers out there.  Have a wonderful day!
Changes to Florida Landlord Tenant Act. Pay very close attention to these new changes to Florida's Landlord Tenant Act if you want to save yourself a great deal of grief in the event of a dispute with your tenant.  Make sure to give a copy of law to your tenant and that both parties sign and init...

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