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First its zombies, now its vampires in the real estate market. Now we have to deal with vampires too? You may have heard of zombie real estate, those homes pertaining to the foreclosed persuasion just sitting there in perpetual anonymity waiting for the bank to release them from their "living" he...
State Population # Realtors Realtor Density Arizona 6,482,505 38,697         1 in every 168 Residents Hawaii 1,374,810 7,946         1 in every 173 Residents Florida 19,057,542 108,616         1 in every 175 Residents D.C. 617,996 3,205         1 in every 193 Residents Neveda 2,723,322 13,587   ...
To list or not to list a terribly overpriced home.  That is not just a question for every realtor, but any seller debating whether or not to put their home on the market.  Accepting a listing that you know is overpriced can only lead to disaster for everyone involved, but especially the agent inv...
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South Florida has four seasons too; the only diference is that those four seasons are relegated to hot, hotter, hottest, and hotter than hades. I love reading posts where other agents talk about the change in seasons where they work and it makes me quite jealous because we only get a lot of heat....
Are You Using Hashtags Correctly in Your Posts?  If not or if you don't even know then read below.  Its importance cannot be overstated.  It is basically how you are found.  If you do not use social media in your marketing please disregard this post.Hashtags And Social Media; Most Of Us Are #Doin...
Just because you are a lawyer does not make you a realtor.  I say this with all do respect too.  Stick to what you do best.  I tried like hell to make an appointment today to view a short sale and called the so called listing agent because the phone number listed in the MLS for the owner was cut ...
When it comes to choosing a tenant it's quality, not quantity.  Jerry McGuire was right.  I have a rental listing that I originally put in the MLS at $2000., market rate for Weston, Florida.  Nobody made an offer except one deadbeat who never paid his bills.  So I went to plan B and lowered the p...
I've been published again by Miami Agent Magazine!  This website is geared towards realtors seeking to improve themselves and learn more about the industry in their area.  This particular site focuses on Miami, but there are several more around the country.  This is not my first time as I am now ...
Three huge ways to save big on Florida homeowner's insurance.  These three tips will save you thouands on your insurance premiums every year and most new homes already come with those on my list.  You just have to notify your insurance company that you have them and provide proof.  1. Hurricane S...

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