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I have compiled a list of the most important sites every tourist and local alike must see while in South Florida.  And while most people will insist on the obvious like South Beach and the water taxi tours,  my list is a lot more eclectic, cultural, local, and different.  Here is my list in order...
 New luxury estate homes featuring 5 bedrooms, 4-4.5 baths, up to 4,300 sq. ft. plus all with 3-car garages from the mid $700s Available now in Cooper City, Florida!  Call me to arrange a viewing or for more information on this remaining closeout new construction opportunity in Broward County's p...
Open houses -  What are they good for?  Absolutely nothing.  Say it again!  Have I gotten my point across now?  The general concensus among realtors is that open houses almost never sell that house.  Think about that for a minute and whether or not you, as a realtor or FSBO, have ever sold your h...
Venezuela and Quatar have little in common for all their oil riches. And that is because that is where all their similarties end.  The difference between the two countries' success and failures is simple.  Whereas Quatar re-invested all of it's oil profits in real estate, Venezuela put all of its...
Dania, Florida condo near the beach for rent.Located just minutes from Hollywood Beach this 2/2 renovated 3rd floor condo overlooks a lake and features a screened-in patio and a completely overhauled kitchen and bathrooms.  Entire unit boasts tile throughout as well.  Although the unit draws a re...
What is a CDD and why should I care? A lot of new home buyers have no idea what a CDD is and why they should even care when they purchase a new construction home and that is a shame because it is actually quite important.  A CDD is a Community Development District.  It is a governmental unit crea...
Are your blogs pretty or substantive?Everyday I scroll through the limitless piles of blogs on ActiveRain searching for something worthy of a comment or re-blog and most of time I find myself out of luck.  Do not be offended ActiveRain bloggers because what you write probably works for many.  It'...
South Florida millennials are quickly becoming a rental society.There is a lot of blame to go around.  We always ask ourselves why millennials aren't buying now when it's a very good time to do so.  There are many reasons for that.  So without further ado;Millennials have been completely priced o...
Estoppel letters; An HOA screwjob. Every time you sell a home that is part of an association in this country an estoppel letter is required in order to close.  Essentially it is a short letter stating the following:  Name of the association Name of the unit/parcel owner Description of the propert...
Another reason to drive a hybrid in South Florida.  As a realtor it is, in my opinion, more important to drive a car that is more sensable than flashy.  However, in South Florida most would think the opposite.  And I get it.  You want to live the image.  If that is who you are then so be it.  But...

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