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You real estate transaction should move like a duck, in water. If your real estate agent is as good as he or she says or advertises then as a seller or buyer there should be very little that you have to do during your closing transaction.  In other words, your agent is like a duck in that he is m...
Let's get real about people. After a considerable amount of studying how this for sale by owner system works two things stand out to me - they supposedly hate realtors, yet their entire philosophy is based on what we do as professionals and all the tools they provide you are th...
Millennials just need a push. With just a little help, and now from Washington, millennial homebuyers will hopefully come out of hibernation and start buying again.  This is a much needed and healthy part of the real estate environment that has been lacking in recent years due to several factors....
What does Kiplinger know about real estate?  Nothing.  After reading an article in Kiplinger titled "What you should know about hiring a real estate agent" I have come to the conclusion that the author probably never sold a damned thing in his or her life and has probably also been watching way t...
Weston Hills of Florida Home Values. Thus far, Weston Hills in Weston has been has been holding steady with home values over the last ten years, even with the recession.  Although the median home value for the zip code in Weston is at about $400,000., Weston Hills is above the norm at $742,000.  ...
Pembroke Falls current home values. Pembroke Falls of Pembroke Pines, Florida is still holding steady in the real estate market and is known primarily for its 92.4% homeownership rate.  This gives the community more of a hometown, neighborly feel versus other communities tend to rent a lot, like ...
I have good news & bad news says my client. The bad news is I sold my house with another agent, but the good news is I want you to represent me in the purchase of my new home.  I have heard this before.  You befriend someone and keep in touch over the years.  This client always asks you for advic...
10 Tips on Burglary Prevention           1. Keep all doors and windows closed & securely fastened. An open window or door is an open invitation for burglars. Thieves are also quick to spot weak locks that may easily be forced open. Doors should have deadbolt locks with a 1-inch throw and reinforc...
I can save Sears.  Yes, remember them?  These are the stores you see at the end of every mall that nobody goes to.  If you happen to  run through one trying to get into the mall from the parking lot then you were probably the only potential customer in the store.  Sears has been like this for yea...
Convince me that a condo is a good investment.  I dare you.  I am not going to cite any fancy graphs or experts to convince you that it is not because my better judgment tells me that at least in the Miami area you are flirting with disaster.  Don't get me wrong.  I want to sell you one or sell y...

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