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We sold our house yesterday. What sold our house in this slow market?  ME. Just kidding. Paintings, updates and attention to every detail. We kept our house staged and extremelyclean from the very first day on the market. We put new furnace in, new tankless water heater, good appliances. We spend...
We have been on  the market 40 days! Everyone who came to see this home loved it, but no buyers yet. We also drooped the price from $379,000 to $374,990. It did not change much, so I believe that price is not as important as timing now. We had people begging us to rent it to them, because they ca...
 I think that American people are incredibly kind in general. They do help other coutries all the time. I have collected many art supplies and toys in my neighborhood and sent it to an orphanages back to my motherland - Belarus. I found so much support here. On the other hand, in Belarus, it is h...
Five days past since the house came on the market. I had open houses on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday in my opinion was a little bit better. I realizes that I need 7 open house signs to get people from main roads to come here. My home is located on a very quite street. I have only 3 signs. I made...
Sign was installed today and flyers were printed. I am trying to put info about this home everywhere on Internet. Any good sites you know about? It is a really lovely home and it priced right, because we are moving out of the country and would be nice to sell it. If you know anyone who is looking...
I had to write about it, because it made my Saturday absolutely miserable.  I love Venetian Plaster. I have done my bedroom and master bath in gorgeous marble like Venetian Plaster I have bought in Home Depot.  I had an absolutely terrible experience with Signature Venetian Plaster from Lowes tod...
Because of my Photography blogs, I started getting more Photo jobs. I really enjoy tacking photos for others agents listings. The last week I got a call from a top producer in our town and he ask me to take photos of this an absolutely beautiful home. It is located in Old Town of Tacoma. Homes li...
If you need to capture a room with a big windows, try to do it when the sun is on the other side of the house. Use flash and if the window is not the only light subject in the photos, you should be just fine.  Try to line up the window frame and a horizontal line of the landscape behind the windo...
I have talents  but I do not use them properly. I was a good dancer; I never took classes or did anything about it. I did sing, my school used me in their concerts all the time, but since then I never did sing again. I take good photos, and I started making some money by taking photos for other a...
Museum of Glass. Tacoma Museum of glass in the one place you can not miss when you see the city for the first time. It is the most unusually shaped building in the downtown. I lived in Tacoma almost three years and I have been in museum three times. The last time I visited it I was completely ama...

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