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I was just reading my RSS feed and found the following: Blog Rush just announced a new widget that is said to announce new traffic to blogs. The black widget to the right of my blog is my sample.Click Here to check out the Blog Rush Website Help me keep the Free Real Estate Software Initiative up...
Virtual numbers and real estate.  By Bruno Roldan  The arrival of virtual numbers to skype last year has been a great addition to the the now vast tool set Realtors have for staying connected.Wikipedia defines a Vritual phone number as: a telephone number without a...
     Researchers at Enquiro did an eye tracking study to see what users looked at on the screen. Results show that eyes stay within a zone they call the Golden Triangle. 72% click on the first entry that meets their criteria within the Golden Triangle!!        This graph compares the three Major ...
HTML ExpertBy Bruno Roldan Guru Real Estate Marketing  Quick links to previous courses: HTML Expert Day 1 HTML Expert Day 2 HTML Expert Day 3 HTML Expert Day 4 HTML Expert Day 5HTML Expert Day 6Html Expert  Day 7 Today i will cover the following: How to create space next to and around an image (f...
Real Estate Product Testimonials Just Got Sexy!!!Harness the link love potential of testimonials!!By Bruno Roldan I remember reading an article a while back on various ways to get links to your site (If i remember where i read it ill link back to it). One of the methods that cought my attention w...
Real Estate Email MarkeitngStay ahead of your competitionBy Bruno Roldan Guru Real Estate Marketing  I am signed up to over 150 e-news letters corporate and non-corporate. This allows me to set a benchmark for the quality of my e-mail campaigns. If you are planning on starting a news letter or wo...
HTML ExpertBy Bruno Roldan Guru Real Estate Marketing  Quick links to previous courses: Single property website course become an HTML Expert Day 1 Single property website course become an HTML Expert Day 2 Single property website course become an HTML Expert Day 3 Single property website course b...
Real Estate E-mail Marketing Glossary -By Bruno Roldan  Join the real estate e-mail marketing group - Having just written the post "Is e-mail marketing dead?" and announcing the new e-mail marketing group, I thought a good way of starting the group would by creatin...
 Real Estate E-mail Marketing By Bruno Roldan - On the 31st of August I wrote a post on some of the very best SEO posts on Active Rain called the Rainer's SEO guide. Having just finished posting, I thought to my self. With so many posts written on SEO and so many g...
As some of you may know i have been working on building up a library of the very best SEO posts right here on Active Rain. Thank you VERY much to EVERYONE who contributed and especially Mark Pilatowski for contributing to this cause. When i get the time, i will be asking each and everyone of the ...

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