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Why Does It Take the IRS So Long to Issue Your Tax Refund?  Is “Filter X: to Blame?  Background Perhaps you are one of the many taxpayers who are concerned that your refund took forever to be processed by the IRS. Your tax professional instructed you to check the IRS’s website Check My Refund Sta...
Frank Haarlander, CPA, MS-Tax, MBA, will speak at the Pennsylvania Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals (PSTAP) annual Tax Potpourri seminar to be held on February 3, 2020 at the Springfield Country Club located in Springfield, PA. The presentation will be to share best practices when comp...
As an affiliate member of the Suburban West Realtors® Association and due to my years of experience advising realtors and other tax professionals about how to minimize their income tax liabilities, I was the featured speaker at the SWRA’s January 10, 2020 professional development meeting at its M...
New Jersey Amends its Sales Tax Law Regarding Transient AccommodationsRental of a Transient Accommodation Obtained Directly from the Owner is No Longer Subject to NJ Sales Tax  Background: In our blog post of October 30, 2018, we alerted our readers that New Jersey had enacted legislation that im...
Yacht Rental Expenses Disallowed – IRS Reclassifies Business Deductions to Personal Expenses and Loss on Sale of "Rental Property" DisallowedIRS Visits Marina and Discovers Lots About Taxpayer’s “Business Deductions” Carlos and Pamela Langston (taxpayers) (TC Memo 2019-19) purchased a marina. The...
In our Exton PA office, we are seeing more taxpayers invest in Bit Coin or some other form of Virtual Currency. The IRS has also taken notice. Whereas our clients meet with us to discuss the proper reporting of gains (or losses) from their investments, the IRS focus is on taxpayers who may have w...
Do you have IRS tax problems? Do you owe the IRS more than you can afford to pay? Are you facing IRS liens and levies? Do you know that realtors are often audit targets of the IRS? Hopefully we can help you create a workable plan to avoid owing the IRS and being an IRS audit target. We specialize...
Excess IRA ContributionAugust 20, 2019 by Frank (Edit)“Excess IRA Contributions Cannot be Ignored, Unless You Don’t Mind Being Assessed an Annual 6% Penalty”BackgroundIf a contribution is made to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in excess of the allowable amount, that contribution is referr...
Safe Harbor for Lessors Who Rent Real EstateLessors of rental property can significantly save income taxes if their rental activities are considered a trade or business. There has been much publicity about the safe harbor rule under which a rental real estate enterprise will be treated as a trade...
Our Exton PA office is alerting PA Lessees that the Commonwealth of PA Requires PA Lessees of Real Estate to Withhold the PA Personal Income Tax (PIT) on Lease/Rental Payments Made to Non-PA Resident Commercial LandlordsAugust 20, 2019 by Frank (Edit)Lessees Required to Withhold PA PIT on Lease P...

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