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Black Mold: The Good, The Bad & The UglyMold in all of its over 100,000 species comes in almost every color, shape, size and consistency imaginable. Stachybotrys Atra (sometimes calledStachybotrys Chartarum) is the scientific name for the black fungus growth that produces spores in the form of sl...
08/10/2016 As this long winter concludes, are you or your family experiencing the sniffles, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat? Those may be symptoms of something more sinister than the common cold. You may have mold in your home. Mold al...
  Finding mold in your home can be an unsettling discovery. Whether or not to remove it is a simple question. However, determining if you should remove it yourself or if you should call a professional sometimes proves more difficult. Below are a few guidelines to help you make that decision.Can I...
Mold spores exist in most environments and are generally harmless. However, under the right conditions, mold spores are activated, causing them to grow exponentially, bringing with them a number of potential hazards.If you’ve notice mold growing in your home, smell a musty odor, or are experienci...
Much was made in the media about the National Hurricane Center’s lower-than-average prediction for the number of hurricanes in 2015. So far their predictions have proven accurate. However, in 1992 Hurricane Andrew devastated south Florida in a year with only seven named storms. It only takes one ...

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