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One of the biggest lessons we've collectively learned over the past three years is the importance of having a mortgage that is not only affordable, but sustainable, as well.  (By the way, my friend Julie Miller started the consumer advocacy group Lenders Who Care - - based ...
"Why the $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Helps ALL Home Owners"  By Brent Sute Most Americans are not happy about the current state of affairs in our economy OR the fact that our government is getting bigger and bigger.  The fact that our Federal government is having to basically print mo...
What Happened? Today was one of those days we hate to see coming. Actually, there is a sliver of good news in reasons behind today's market move. The 30 Year FNMA 4.0% bond was down 206 basis points today. This is a huge move to the negative and caused mortgage rates to sky rocket throughout the ...
HUD Secretary Donovan appeared at a NAR function yesterday, and this is an exact excerpt of his remarks:  "We all want to enable FHA consumers to access the tax credit funds when they close on their home loans so that the cash can be used as a downpayment. So FHA will permit trusted FHA-approved ...
It is my pleasure to now serve my clients from Henger Rast Mortgage in Tuscaloosa.  Henger Rast is an exciting place to work and I am very glad to be here.  We have access to the country's best investors and offer our clients a variety of mortgage plans including FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, Alabama...
Some of the issues I've come across in the first two months of 2009 relative to obtaining mortgages: 1. 80% of the loans I am currently originating are FHA loans.  2. Soon, you will likely need a 620 credit score to qualify for a mortgage, including FHA.  (Note:  many    lenders have already impl...
Please be sure to check out my new blog that is focused exclusively on first time home buyers:    
President Obama just completed a speech given in Mesa, AZ in which he highlighted the specifics of his plans for helping the U.S. housing markets recover. He laid out a 5-point plan that included the following aspects:   Help 4-5 million American homeowners who are upside down on their mortgage (...
Click on the following link for information on a proposed program that would dramatically help Alabama home owners and sellers:
Click on the following link to learn more about the new First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit:   Please note that in order for the tax credit to be accessed by prospective Alabama home owners when they PURCHASE a home (not afterwards), the Alabam...

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