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What is better than baseball on a sunny summer day.  The twins had won 10 gaqmes in a row, but, faultered today.  This young team, and low salary  group is still giving the big boys a run for their money. Now, in two years we will be playing in an outdoor stadium again!!!  The way baseball should...
The average fisherman's life consists of 20 years of having his mother ask him where he is going; 40 years of having his wife ask him the very same question; only to find at the end of his life, the mornors wondering the same thing too. As a fisherman...Remember, you can stretch the truth, but an...
                                STUFFED CHICKEN 1 Chicken aps 4-5 pounds 1 Cup Melted Butter 1 Cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farms is best) 1 Cup of uncooked popcorn ( Orville Redenbacher Low Fat) Preheat ove to 350 degrees.  Cover chicken with melted butter and salt and pepper to taste. Fill Chicken ...
The Bass were jumping in the boat!!!!  Just to give an Idea, I caught 56 on sat and sun. in about 6 hrs of fishing.  That didn't include the ones we caught while the Ladies were catching Sunfish.  These are POST spawn fish.  So it was a really big surprise to catch that many.  The largest was a n...
I had a closing set up for yesterday.  First time buyer, FHA, spending only 60% of what they could (smart kids).  I get a call from the loan officer. " No closing, we need awater test."  WHAT!!!!  New house and we sent the water test 10 days ago.!! FHA requires a lead test. Now I understand that ...
I would like to thank Mary for all here hard work up and beyond the call of duty.  On a voleenteer project this past week, some of the people didn't show up, and she stepped in and worked all their hours...32 more then her own 32.  She is one of a kind, and doesn't know how to say NO!!  Mary, Tha...
Want small town living with close shopping.  Grasston offers that within 5 miles with great public hunting and fishing within 5-10 miles.  Many locals don't even lock their doors at night (Not something I would recomend).  Check this quiet area of MN out for yourselves.  Please check out all the ...
This once busy area is now quiet.  It couldn't keep up with the bigger towns and it just closed up.  What a fantastic thing for those who want quiet.  Great access to good roads for commuting, but yet not out of the way.  If you want a wholesome area for the kids....Walbo,MN is where to look.
Ifyou are looking for quiet...queit it is. This once bustling town is just a fraction of what it was years ago.  Not that the residents mind, that is why they are still there.  3 lakes within 2 miles 7 within 8 miles.   Great hunting, and you can walk the backroads without the fear of being run o...
My son took myself and my wife out to dinner last night.  We had a great time and a very nice meal.  Ther was a young couple nest to us debating wether to tip of not.  One thought the service was slow, and the other thought it was the kitchens fault.  We had the same server, and maybe we were enj...

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