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Just got done talking with one of my agents.  He recieved a call from (supposedly Walmart).  The person said they were from the Walmart asset recovery division, and that my agent had stopped payment on a check and they wanted to know why and wanted it to be taken care of. My agent said he did not...
Tommy is a young boy and just potty trained. Although, when he goes to the bathroom, he hits everything but the toilet.  So, Mom has to clean up after him and after 2 weeks she has had enough and takes Tommy to the Dr. After the examination, the Dr. says..."his unit is to small.  An old wives tal...
Now this may not be the most conventional indoor pet, but I laughed so much a this rabbit that my step-son and wife have in the house.  totally potty trained.  Has a cage that when no one is around it goes into with out being told.  Nover jumps on the furnature or tables or counters.  ( I HATE CA...
Wow...what a good time.  This is the second time I have seen him in concert and othe than being a bit loud, (which should not be a problem for an old fart like me) He was on top of his game last night.  It was an indoor event, all the seats were good and he brought the house down!  The one thing ...
2 novice fishermen decided to take a trip.  They rented a cabin, a boat, rods and reels and all the tackle. They fished for 4 days and only cost 1 small fish.  On the trip home, the first guy said... "Wow...I just figured out that this one fish cost us over $1500."  The 2nd guy responed.. "Really...
This is a picture from 2 years ago.  This 62 acres of open land (50+ tillable), also has an o hip roof barn.  There are several old buildings that need to be removed.  Seller will remove buildings or, build some equity fast and do the cleanup yourself.   With farmland prices on the rise here in M...
This is the 2nd installment of my trip down memory lane.  Come along and enjoy the ride!!!    This camera looked scarry when I was a kid...doesn't look any more inviting today!    We used to love reading these signs as we drove along.  many times it was my highlight of the trip!   Talk about capt...
David received a Parrot for his birthday.  The Parrot had a bad attitude and a worse vocabulary.  Every other word was an obscenity. Those that weren't expletives, were to say the least , rude.  David tried hard to change the birds attitude and was constantly saying polite words and playing soft ...
A Birthday party for a great nephew on the wife's side.  A bit of soda pop and try to make conversation with people you have no common ground with except for a 1year old that has now clue as to what is going on! But, being the great person I am, (these words right from my mother-in-law) I went an...
HEY...It's not me!!  Oh sure, I comment and put out a blog, but it's friends here on the "Rain" that make the comments and share their stories that makes me keep coming back.  IT'S.... Richard, who has the top photo's to go along with his knowledge. Lyn and April, Always there with a smile. Hugh,...

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