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Local legend has that this cave is haunted!  Local legend in some areas say that Big Foot is around also.  ON our last trip, we were down in Praire du Chen, WI.  We crossed the river into Northern Iowa and about 6 miles in we came to this Campground.  we had some time and like to get off the beat...
A friend of mine asked me to go on a day hunting trip.  Part of the day was going to be spent in pursuit of squirrels.  This can be very challenging to just see the critters in the big oaks.  Well, Max brought along his dog and said the dog will help us. We were only in the woods a min, when the ...
So what is a kropp kakor?  It is basically a potatoe dumpling.  It is the size of a baseball (nicknamed cannon ball) Has meat inside of it usually, and is a pain in the but to make.  Claimed as a scandenavian dish, others also claim it.  I have seen the Polish do something simalar, but a lot smal...
With the fall harvest fast approaching the finish line, I ran across a picture of my fishing buddy, Roy, from the year before he died.  He had a small garden and called me over one day to halp him with his cabbage heads.  He was going to make sour kraut.  When I got there I almost fell over... Ro...
I was out showing a client some hunting land this morning.  After meeting him and walking the property, we went our separate ways.  I took some back roads for a change to to see the area.  I had on my favorite county station on and John Denver came on singing 'Country Roads'.  As I listened to th...
Well, after about 3 hours of hopping around the floor to Polka's and Waltz's and a variety of other dances, I am ready for BED!  It is surprising what muscles you use that don't get a lot of use otherwise.   A crowd of about 100 most over 50, tuned out to dance, listen or sing along.  It was fun ...
Well, being that business is a bit slow, now is the time to fit in all those little things you have always wanted to do, but didn't have the time. We went to see Little House on the Prairie.  In the TV show Melissa Gilbert played the 2nd daughter. (I am really bad with names).  In this production...
Time to kick the heels up once again.Tony Jambor and his band will be playing at the Isanti City Community Center.  This is a great time to enjoy some of the old time music and dnace.  For those of you who do not know how to do the Polka or a Waltz don't know what you missing.  In todays world, w...
It's that time again that many outdoors men and women, and even kids, head for the woods after the elusive white tail deer.  Although always a worthy quarry, it isn't as hard as it was 30 years ago.  Intensive management has brought on many opportunities to come in contact with the Whitetail Deer...
My dad was having a problem in the sixties with the neighborhood kids steeling form us.  Dad had two broken feet and was in a wheel chair.  After several calls to the Police dept.  He resorted to something like this... George was an older man, and sort of forgetful.  His wife Mary yelled one nigh...

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