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Hey Everyone...Help me to Welcome Bobbi Sedok to our Active Rain Family.  I worked with Bobbi on her first deal and found her to be very knowledgable in the workings of Real Estate for a new agent.  I look foreward to working with Bobbi in the future. Bobbi is a very bright up and coming agent a...
I have seen buyers and agents talk themselves into a sale and out of a sale.  So you need to know when to be quiet and when to try and stop a client from talking.   Being courtious, is also a very important trait to possess.   Many of yo know I worked in corrections and here a few examples that I...
Morris had a Dr.s appt for a physical.  A week later the Dr. seen Morris and asked how he was doing.    " I am doing Great" said Morris...I took your advice.  I got me a nice HOT Momma and I am living carefree.. The Dr. said to Morris in a louder voice..."Morris, I said you have a heart murmer, a...
In this fast pace world of ours, we are up bvefore the sun and off on ourway.  We may not see our loved ones until late in the day, if at all.  We go along 'business' as usual.  Did you take time to call al loved one to say "I Love You".  This happened to day right by my house.  I don't know any ...
Ya...It is a balmy 23 with just a small 10 mile wind.  Can't sit inside all day, so it's outside with the granddaughter to do some sliding.  The great thing about the warmth we have, is we don't need our heavy clothes on.  It makes it so much easier  to move around.  The long sleeve shirts in thi...
I was looking at the local lakes and seeing what was for sale.  I was surprised to see as many as I did.  I also seen a wide variety in prices.  Ther are many cabins on the lakes for under $200,000, with a good share under $150,000.   A lake home is one of the dream homes many want.  The lake hom...
Yea...I mean the video Game!  I thought my wife was out of her mind when she purchased one.  Then I was surprised at how much fun we had the first couple of weeks. Then she went and bought the Fitness game with the step board.  We are both looking to tone up a bit and loose a few pounds, and thou...
I Remember Grandma's apron...most of us with farm families do.  If there ever was a utility 'tool', the Apron was it. Now Days, I don't think our kids even know what an apron is. The princepal reason for the apron, was to protect Grandma's dress underneath.  Grandma only had a few dresses and apr...
After dealing with a potential seller this morning, I had to ask him if it was snowing.  He looked at me with a funny look, (the sun was shinning) and asked... "Why"?  I replied, "because you just gave me the biggest snowjob of the year!"   I said. First, he didn't have a new roof, the shingles w...
I know I blogged back in october or so about the need to take care of our pets in the cold climes.  Well, I just happened not far from me.  The families dogs (4) we under feed, not housed and nearly dead.  How can you have a pet and not take care of them.  It is a big resposiblity tham many shoul...

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