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We all try to be good people, but we usually fail to some degree.  My life in the last year has been filled with controversy on many levels.  Sometimes my tongue gets in gear before my brain. Here are two quotes that make you think... To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselve...
Who do You Trust? The question of trust is at the forefront of our lives everyday.  Many times a day.  This may help clear the air... A young boy was sitting in church, and for once the sermon caught his attention.  The Pastor asked everyone Whom do YOU trust.  The next day, this same boy went to...
I am not a big Techy, although I think I am crawling into the 2000's now.  I at least know what the iPod is and does.  A friend of mine has helped me understand the iPod Series... It all began with the iPhone... This past March, for my son we got him an iPhone.  He loved it.  Who wouldn't!   I ce...
In our hectic world we are using this very often...As Soon as Possible! Here is another option for these letters... There is work to do and deadlines to meetThere is no time to spare.But as you hurry and scurry,A.S.A.P.  Always say a Prayer. In the midst of out family chaos,Quality time is rare.D...
I have many times heard someone jump in and answer a question before the entire phrase is given.  here is a great reason to listen first.... A drunk man stumbled onto the subway.  he sat down next to a Priest, opened his paper and started to read. After a few minutes the man says..."Father, do yo...
As I grow older I find being top dog is tougher all the time.  The harder I try they young and energetic seam to creep past me.  But as they do, I know that I am working smarter.   Here is an illustration of what being top dog is like... Staying top dog is hard, there is always someone sho comes ...
Every now and again I receive an E-Mail that I am happy to pass along.  Common courtesy is one thing that is lacking in our modern day society.  Although, this could have taken place anytime in the last 100 years...it still fits today. A man decided to visit a local church.  He got there early an...
Once again I had a client ask for my opinion.  I gave it to them backed up by facts.  The client came back to me and said..."Well my neighbor said...." My response was calm. " What proof did he give you?"  "NONE" "What qualifications does he have?"  "I don't know." "Do yo know how many Real Estat...
The cold and lately the brutal cold...as some put it isn't putting a damper on everyone.  Many resort owner that rent fish houses and or put them on the lake and store them for you are have a great year up to now. The lakes in my area froze over the earliest in many years and that had many more p...
My thermometer hit -29 below.  YAHOO!!!!   Yea, it was a bit brisk this morning, but it was great.  All around me I heard the complaining and I had not even left the house! In town, I hit the gym...quiet...one person came in and said that if they had realized how cold it was he would have stayed ...

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