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It has been a nice winter up here in Minnesota.  Most everyday I can walk outside in just a shirt and many times a short sleeve shirt. I envision many times with the warm weather walking out my front door and seeing our flowering crab tree in full  blossom. But, it will not be long now as the end...
That is unless you are an outdoor enthusiast and need the cold and snow to be happy. I saw a snowmobile yesterday...Well, the tracks of one I should say. First one all year.  The fish houses are scattered on the lakes and the smart ones are walking to stay safe as motor vehicles are still going t...
The weather this winter in Minnesota has been very mild .  Below zero temps are not uncommon and this year we have only had a couple so far. The warm weather does bring some of it's own challenges.  One of the big ones is fog. Now fog as we know makes driving a bit more hazardous and with the gro...
Most all of us haves goals.  Some it is business, some play and some overall life and retirement. But do you sometimes think that you are just inches from attaining what you set out to do.   If you could stretch just a bit farther you you could at least touch it. My Dad often said that his goal w...
So what do we do with the extra time.  I WAS sitting on the sofa with my with staring at the TV making small talk that only interrupted the TV show she was watching. A commercial came on and I said..."We should plan that vacation we were saying we should take." It does not matter what the activit...
I got a call late last night... The Crappies are biting...the house is set up, wanna go??? "Yea!"  We left at 7 and drove to the small local lake.  When we got to the public access, I saw no cars.  Great, no problem parking and i can see the house about a 1/4 mile onto the lake. As we pulled into...
I love the snow and cold.  Well, at least for a short time. I have had a lot of errands piling up that I have not been able to get to.   When I take time to do one, I have hoards of people in my way and i have to wait and wait...and wait! The last couple of days, most of the population thought it...
For years when the computer came out the terms used made absolutely NO sense. Living on the farm I Northern Minnesota...the terms I was hearing gave me all kinds of visuals that did not make sense. My Brother just sent me a list of what we felt the meanings of these terms were when we first heard...
WE have a great group of people here.  Most of who can laugh at themselves which I feel is an important trait in not taking ones self to seriously. So, I will take aim at my lady friends and I know that there will be some re-buttle posts in the very near future.  COME ON LADIES...make me laugh at...
I awoke this morning and headed out to the lake... It was a beautiful sunrise. I boated over to my favorite spot, dropped in the trolling motor and started to cast.  After a few casts the first fish fell to my bait.   It was a nice 4 pound Bass.  I unhooked him and slid him back into the water to...

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