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Ok, 14 inches of snow isn't big news for us, but I know many people are very happy. It doesn't bother me.  I plow snow for a few neighbors, it pays for my fishing habit! Well today started off bad and ended worse.  First I had trouble with the plow truck.   a gear in the steering failed.  The mec...
All winter long the Weatherman kept saying that we had "SNOW COMING"  Then the next day after a dusting, it fell apart or some other lame excuse. I have heard agents cancel showings only to find a foot snowfall become an inch at best. Now for the last 4-5 days the weatherman again talking 'Major ...
This is more for the sellers.  Should you rent your property to someone that is going to buy it. Scenario...I have a seller who received an offer.  The buyer wants to rent the house until they sell ther home out of state.  My sellers think this is great because they don't need to sell in order to...
I see so many stuffed shirts today.  I think the P. C. police have taken the fun out of life.  They have made us so serious that we can't even laugh at ourselves. WELL...NOT ME. "You Betcha" you're from Minnesota when... You own only 3 spices, Salt, Pepper and KetchupYou have more miles on your s...
I was real busy this evening.  I was trying to get some work done so I could just relax and catch up on my reading. As I walked pass my Grand Daughter who lives with us, she said..."Come and Play my new racing game, Grandpa." Maybe later, I said and I kept on moving.  Well, maybe about 10 steps a...
CUSTOMER SERVICE! An area of business that so many people complain about. Yesterday I was having some problems with my cell phone.  (I was bit by technology again) I was standing around as the guy in the store was working on my problem.  Meanwhile, some young twit came in and started to rant loud...
All work and no play makes me really DULL.   So here are some fun facts to lighten your day. COOL  Facts about the Human Body. The average dream lasts 2-3 seconds. Scientist say that the more you dream the higher your I.Q. A full bladder is about the size of a softball. Men without hair on their ...
"I am looking forward to this house we are looking at.  It looks to be spacious and just what we are looking for." That was the comment from Mrs. buyer yesterday.  When we walked in to the home, There was an "ah, this isn't what the pictures look like." The photo's were taken with a wide lens mak...
This is geared to anyone where the seasons change a lot, especially if you have snow on the ground. I have buyers wondering all the time what the yard looks like without the snow.  Is it green, is there flowers.  Is the yard full of dog droppings. Showing some year round pictures can be the diffe...
I met with a new client today.  Nice young lady.  Knows just what she wants. We look at a house and she points out the good and the bad, We go to the next house and she points out the good and the bad. She does the same at the 3rd home but now some of the good was some of the bad in the first hou...

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