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At least that is what I hear a lot.  "Sellers must let go and get on with their lives." That is very hard for some people to do.  My wife for one would not be able to separate her emotions from the sale.  But, is that really bad? Is it really harmful? If we think about what is a home...it is Love...
Although a bit cool, mid 60's, the sun is out and we are drying out.  The birds are singing and flowers are blooming. If you are tired of city life...Check out these photo's and then contact me. A bit of white to show the cleanness of the air. A Bumble Bee pollinating a flower on a raspberry bush...
Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service!!!! Two weeks after I got my new camera, I noticed problems with one of the toggle buttons for the menu.   I called National Camera, where I had purchased the camera, and told them about it.  I also said I was unable to get there before the 30 ...
North Branch Minnesota is a Bedroom community.  Many of the Natives commute to the bigger cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. But just a couple miles out of town and you can feel like you are in God's Country. We get all kinds of visitors her in North Branch and last night is another example.   I...
I know I will probably regret saying that, but geez...we have gone from a mild drought to near flooding in just a matter of a few days. Minnesota, in my area, is looking at record rainfall for May! The pond has overflowed it's banks and washed the feet of these statues. The green in the middle of...
My son works in a restaurant and he told me this diddy that the owner/cook told a patron... Waitress...how are you chickens prepared?" "I will ask the cook." she replied. The cook comes out to talk with the guest... How do you prepare your chickens? He asked the cook.  To which the cook says. "We...
I am a big list maker.  My mind doesn't spit out info as good as it takes it in. Especially when it comes to vacations or weekends to the cabin. I have a note book that details everything I will need.  Every weekend is different depending on who is going to visit that weekend. If I have work to d...
Ole was never the most graceful person I have ever known so when Lena told me Ole was in the hopsital,. I had to go see him.  Laying there with both hands all wrapped up I asked him... Ole, what in the world happened? Vel, I was filleting those fish I had just caught and the knife slipped and one...
There has been some good news in the housing industry.  You would never know it if you listen to the media. Good news gets one comment on the 6 pm news but is missing at the 10 pm news cast. Now, MSN reports that 1 in 3 homeowners are underwater.  I have seen this "BAD" news in 4 places in the la...
Sometimes it doesn't take much to tweak my funny bone. This past weekend I was reading some Nursery Rhymes to my grand daughter.  I think I was enjoying this as much a she was. But a couple hit my funny bone for I remember them a little differently... Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pai...

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