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I heard this a while back and found it cute. A young mother had tow boys, 5 and 6.  Not well behaved and try as she me had little luck controlling them.   So one day she talked with her Pastor..."Sure, bring them in...I will have a talk with them. So, the next day the young mother arrived with bo...
Today, we laid to rest my Father-In-Law, Ray. It was a good day for Ray and the minister had a great story that I want to share. He said...An elderly gentleman told his pastor that he wanted to be buried with a fork in his hand.  When asked Why he replied... Because, all my life at different func...
YES...if you let them be. I got the notice that my accounts were going to have new charges starting the first of the month. I went into the bank and I saw the branch President. HI Mary, I said (I have backed in the same bank for 15 years and know everyone on a first name basis). What can we do fo...
Smile...it spreads! Judi stormed up to the counter of the local library... I have a complaint!  she said "What is it?" Asked the librarian. I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible! "What was wrong with it?" It had to many characters and no plot at all! The librarian looked at her and nodd...
The Community Center for Chisago county had its funding cut to ZERO!  For next year. What does that mean?  Well here is a partial list of free and discounted help that is available at this location... Social Security Benefits Medicare Assistance Other Governmental Benefits Other Health Insurance ...
I was talking with a friend that volunteers at the local food bank. He was telling me that they are always in need, but are way behind for this time of the year and the major holidays are coming up. Food is always welcome, but it is the other things that are also needed.  Soaps, hand and laundry ...
I needed a laugh, I found one and now I am going to share. The Blonde took her goldfish to the vet... I think it has epilepsy. "HMMM, Looks ok to me." Said the vet. Well Yea...I haven't taken him out of the bowl yet!" Well, it hit me as funny!
The Lord took my Father-In-Law home this morning. Ray fought an up hill battle for a long time and the pain in the end was just to much. Although we did our best to control it, He finally gave in to the Lord. Blessings to my wife's family as they go through this time of trial. AMEN!~
Mother Nature is all around us. this Grasshopper is just sitting minding his own business when I came along.  Although not looking scared, they hoppers are always ready in an instant to disappear. Fall has another entire round of bugs we have to deal with.  Box alder bugs and mud wasps are two of...
Yes, the center that services our elderly with medical screens, minor medical help and a lot of activities has had the funding cut. There is a lot of need and this services many many elderly in our county. So is it that they are out of money???   NO! Half of the money is being given to the county...

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