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IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED...GO AWAY NOW!!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!!! I just spent 8 hours driving and I am a bit punchy. The full moon on  Halloween night is always a great sight. But I thought that maybe a bit of humor for the night would be in order.  Just remember what the idea of the scary cost...
We need to take our pets under consideration during this time.  Most will not understand all the strange sights and sounds. For our larger outside pets, making sure they are safe and secure is good for both the pet and the trick or treaters. Let's make this fun time saffe for everyone.  Take a fe...
It is the end of another weekend and time for a chuckle or two.  Hope everyone has a great week! A Sunday school teacher was telling her young class a story about the good samaritan... Class, what would you do if you came upon a person hurt and bleeding on the side of the road.   There was a hush...
WE have not come out of the drought with he less than inch of rain we had, but it did help. It is time to capitalize on what we got.  Small trees still need water.  If you have yet to water them, now would be a great time.  Turn the hose on just a trickle and give it a couple hours per tree. I ha...
For those who have followed my blogs over the last 4-5 years...time fly's when you are having fun...know that I am a Nature Lover at heart. I enjoy the outdoors and that includes hunting in the fall.  I don't always have time to check my locations out as much as I would like.   So, I let Technolo...
Sometime a bit of humor may also be a learning lesson.... The Sunday school teacher asked Johnny... Do you think that Noah did much fishing when he was on the Ark? Johnny Replied...Heck no, How could he with just 2 worms!   Sometimes we just forget tot see the very obvious! As we can see Noah was...
WE see people all the time walking around with a scowl on their faces.  It makes me wonder how bad they really have it or do they just need to know they are allowed to smile. Here is something to think about... Smile and see how infectious it really is!
Fall has a grip and isn't letting go.  The leaves are brown and the grass is dormant.  And here is a picture of a milkweed that has given up is fluff for another year. Although, hard to see, know that the seeds being spread around will be to the delight of the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars come ...
I love Nature and getting off the beaten path.  Still waters run deep, but so do small swift streams. This one I came across a few years ago always intrigued me.  Never took the time to grab a photo, but this weekend I took time. The funny thing about this place is that it is less than 10 feet of...
This weekend WE spent with the Grand Daughters.  Being close to Halloween and a very nice day we took a Nature walk. One of the local park/nature areas has a mile long trail.  Stationed along the trail are cartoon characters and other Movie characters that kids like.  Any thing from Snow White to...

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