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Myself and many others in my area have been having major phone problems. You call in and you get mainly lip service from the first tier of people. Finally, you go to a supervisor...although they work on the problem it continues to happen.  Satisfaction doesn't seam to be top priority for this com...
WE all have someone we Love and Love makes the world turn.  My friend Ole believes that Love is Blind! There was a knock at the door and when Ole opened it there stood 2 Police Officers. "Are You Ole and are you Married?" asked the first cop. "Ya, I'm Ole and Ya, Lena is my wife.  Is there a prob...
From now until the end of the year, many destinations are offering discounts. My wife and I set up two such vacations for the coming year and got discounts of close to 35% compared to 6 weeks ago. Our Travel agent told us the prices will go up after the 1st of the year, so now is the time to book...
When my phone rings and I am around people especially in an eating place, I speak softly or leave to another area.  I hate when some loud mouth talks loud enough for me to hear easily.  I also hate when they have to keep the mundane conversation going for no real good reason but to hear themselve...
The locals are out on the lakes fishing.  There is between 4-6 inches of ice, but the DNR says you still need to be careful.  The ice is not the hard sturdy kind.  The heavy snow has mad for some soft ice and people are falling in! One of my local lakes 2 guys fell through when walking.  On Chris...
Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  But prices in my area are down about 20% from the high and crude oil isn't down near that much. I like the price as do many of the commuters as it is a great saving for them.  I have heard of many reason...demand bing the bigget one, but if more people a...
It has been a great time with the Grand Kids around for Christmas.  But, Now they are packed loaded and on their way home and it is a lot more quiet. I am enjoying the first 30 minutes of this Peace.  It isn't that we were tired of them, but all good things must end and Grandpa and Grandma need a...
The hustle and bustle is over and quieter times will ensue. Santa showed up and spread his joy throughout the house and we exchanged gifts on another level. It is a lot of work preparing for this holiday, more work than is really needed, but we do it out of habit. But now that the day is on the w...
It is the Night before, the Night before Christmas eve. The Stocking are hung and the presents all wrapped. The snowmen are standing guard all over the house. All we are missing is the laughter of little people, and they will be here tomorrow. It is a lot of work, but to see the smiling faces...i...
My brother is not a big decorator for the holidays...except a bit for Halloween. He is single, no kids and not many visitors to his small abode. He E-Mailed me today saying he finally got his tree up... He did tell me that he did like the smell of fresh Pine that the tree makes his home smell lik...

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