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March 4th at midnight, ALL ice houses and structures must be off the southern 2/3rd's of Minnesota Lakes.   You can still use an ice house or even a portable, but it must not be left on over night. If your house is froze in, you better make sure that you get every piece for the DNR knows who was ...
A thank You to all who helped with the fund raiser and gave generously with donations. The goal was $2500. The final tally was just over $5,000 clear!   Now, this doesn't solve the financial issues of the loss of ALL funding, but it will help to keep the doors open for the Center until we can com...
At this time of the year, many of us are ready for dry ground. But the semi-warm weather isn't always so good.  The snow starts melting, (a good thing)  But, then the water starts to freeze and right away we have ice on side walks and drive ways. In early march, we will see some colder days and m...
Most of us have related our stories of growing up to a young child.  But, it is hard for them to understand.  Almost as hard as it is for us to remember the story. This story is a great example. A Grandmother was trying to explain the hard ships she had when she was young... We didn't have TV or ...
You may be in need of some car repair and I will tell you first hand... A & C Auto in North Branch are tops in my book.  I have used Andy's service for many years and he and his staff are always on top of it. Have an emergency...they will do what they can to take care of you right away. I came ou...
You found a home you love.  It isn't perfect, but the issues are not hard to fix. You write an offer and include some of the non-deal breaking issues.  Now the seller is wondering what the problem is.  There is nothing wrong with the issues, you just don't like them. There is nothing that puts wi...
Doug hits on a great topic.  This is actually great information not only for REal Estate but for many businesses associated with us.    Some of these people can suck the life out of you being very demanding and showing no real proof of moving forward.   Read this carefully and take it to heart. A...
Gary as usual hit's the nail on the head.    Being loud and domineering will not get you as far as a quieter soft tone in your voice.  Treating people like you would want to be treated is what it is all about.  Before talking with someone about an issue or fault, think about if you were the one t...
Now to some of you this is just crazy...but for others we make our own fun. Although we may get banged up a bit, we dust ourselves off and try it again. This screams Bachelor Pad! Even when you are warming up you need to be ready for that big one! Looks like it is all tuned up and ready for sprin...
WE are getting hit again with some snow starting tonight.  But that isn't the worst of it.  On Sunday night a second round that will be even larger will be hitting us. Snow emergency routes will be activated and store shelves will be cleared of most staples. All I ask is that you think twice abou...

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