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WOW...You are an ambitious person. The answer is Maybe! First off, most likely you will be using what is called a sand point which is for shallow wells only. Can you install a well like this.  It depends.  1)Locality for one.  The governing body may not allow shallow wells in the area. 2) In some...
Weather is warming up and burning wood will soon stop. For some, burning now makes the house to warm. But...there are a few things to remember when shutting down your wood stove. Clean it!!!! Get all the ashes out of the fire box and then I put a layer of oil or some other kind of petroleum produ...
Question #3...What happens when my septic goes bad and I am not referring to the backup into the house. Answer.... Once it has been determined by a Professional that your septic is bad planning needs to start, especially if it backed up into the home. First off, you need to hire a Septic designer...
I often hear people talking about looking for our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am not sure where they are looking, but Finding our lord is very easy. He is all around us.  And, on this Good Friday, we are reminded of that so much more. I used to have a hard time seeing my Savior...but once I quit lookin...
Well, 10 months and 3 weeks...give or take. This was the scene last year at Easter....   This is what it looked like this morning... Now granted, Easter was late last year, but spring also started a month earlier also. Now, I am not really complaining.  Last year it did get warm way to early.   b...
Easter is on it's way and some things just hit my funny. I do some odd jobs for a couple of elderly people and my elderly parents. This funny just plain hits home for so many reasons. I hope that you have a great |Easter Holiday and hug a child  tomorrow!  
Can I buy a smaller parcel of land that this seller is offering? A very complicated question. Yes...and NO. First off for a seller to sell a smaller parcel of what he (she) is offering it depends on the starting size of the parcel.   If it is a large parcel they very well could, but may not want ...
Spring training has been long. I have tweaked my fantasy teams and am just sitting around waiting. For anyone who has not joined a team but are thinking of it, Yahoo has many Leagues (Free) that are looking for a few more teams. Jump in and have some fun! Call me if you want a heads up on a leagu...
When I need to unwind from what ever has me tight, I grab my favorite CD. The sound of the rushing water will calm me down in minutes.  I just imagine myself walking along a babbling creek and my cares melt away. It really doesn't matter what you do to unwind, but it is good for your health.
Yes that is good.  but the bad is that with our snow cover...a fast thaw will mean FLOODING! Now is the time if you are in the flood prone areas to be planning the the impending disaster. Move valuables out! Plan your sand bagging.  Line up the help. Emergency supplies...batteries, drinking water...

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