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This is a very important step in our yearly planning.   I set with my accountant every year and plan out my spending for the year.  Barring any emergency, I know what I need to buy at what point my income is at.  This has saved me Thousands of dollars over the years buy buying when it I get the m...
One thing about Nature is that once they realize you are not going to hurt them...They become very friendly. Especially birds.  I am guessing that is because they can fly to get away and know we can't match their reaction skills. Sea Gulls are some of the bravest. This one just begs to square off...
WE had clouds this morning and then a bit of sun.  Now as evening approaches, the cloud cover is very heavy and a dullness envelopes us. Looking through my vacation pics, I found one that brightens the room. I rremember this flower was all by itself, sorta a lone and out of place.  
Some times you just can't wait.  I was sent this and it just struck me funny. Growing up on the farm, Makes it even funnier. But the kids want to know.  Unsuspecting kids could fall for this. Heck I have seen adults fall for dumber things than this. So take this with a grain of salt and just enjo...
The calender and weather man keep trying to convince me that it is spring. I look outside at all the snow and say...NOPE, not at my house! April showeres will not bring may flowers at this rate. So, I look back to my last trip and will settle for this beauty....at least for today.
Or...is spring Broke?  Sure seams like that in my neck of the woods. OK, we are complaining a bit this year as we are spoiled from the last 15-20 years. This is more like the springs we had in the 70's.  I think what has happened is that some one wound this spring so tight....it can't unwind. Tha...
I am in the process of listing 4 To-Be-Built homes in an very nice area of town. For many years, building a new home was almost out of the question.  Because of the foreclosure 's the values had dropped dramatically. Now, Values are on the rise, contractors are willing to work for a bit less and ...
With several new clients ready to go I am searching for acceptable properties in a wider area.  Why? Because, the more I look the less there is.  What was there yesterday is now in Pending today. Good news!  Right?   Yes in some ways, but I see a market that will be full of multiple offers and ne...
There are many aspects of recreational land.  1. There is your desired use. 2. There is the realistic use 3. There is Government regulated use.     1. You need to think about where you want to buy this land. 2. You need to know what each parcel has to offer. 3. You need to have it fit your budget...
I have been plowing my drive and a dozen other for years.  I grew up on the farm where we plowed snow just so we could work.  So, I know that when you start plowing the first time, you push it back as far as you can. I did that.   Now usually, we get a January thaw.  It will take the piles down a...

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