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These white Orchids do not have a spot on them.  They are nearly perfect just like a small child in our eyes. It took 3 days for the light to be right for this photo (at lest in my eyes). Just a bit more of what Nature has for us to enjoy.
I am going crazy. Baseball opening day is still 2 weeks away.  I have tweaked my Fantasy team. I have bought tickets for several games. I am watching and listening to the pre-season games but I am still left a bit empty. It is going to be a very, very long 2 weeks.
I am usually up on this date, but I think the snow we had distracted me. March 14th (3.14) is PI day every year.  I celebrate with my own version of Pie! Last year it was banana cream. But it is traditionally...PUMPKIN! But, I don't always celebrate my birthday on the exact date, so...I am forgoi...
It is no secret that I spent some time at Disney World last week. It was not uncommon to see little fender benders while there.  The heavy stop and go traffic made for easy bumper to bumper kisses. One of the standing jokes we had was... A young blonde was entering the gates a Disney and the traf...
Like the lyrics of the song. When we stayed at the Polynesian Resort at Disney World, the welcome center has a large floral garden with waterfalls that mimics a rain forest setting. I have never seen so many different Orchids in one setting.  many were far enough away that I used my telephoto len...
It is interesting that the biggest question for the new Pope is..."What changes will he make?" That is what our modern society is all about.  If you don't like what an institution is like...Change it to fit your needs. It is going on with the Boy Scouts and other youth organizations just to name ...
Rocky, my resident flying squirrel has returned.  I don't know if he really even left, but this is the first time I have seen him in over a month.  He comes and sets under my bird feeder picking up a few morsels.  I wonder what he lives on normally. Again, one of the reasons I live in rural North...
Everyone has something that calms them when needed. It may be a hot cup of coffee, a Martini with '3' olives.   It could be the family pet or even the grandkids. For me it is Nature's running water.   There is nothing like peace and quiet to listen to the bubbling brook or the crash of a waterfal...
I am in no way even close to taking Professional photo's, but I don't always have the time to practice either. The digital age has helped a lot also in cost.  Just keep snapping photo's and delete what does not work.  Although this is not a great photo, it was the best of 12 photo's and 6 setting...
Soft water fishing of course. Time to dig out the ol' rod and reels and repair. Each reel needs new line.  More trophy fish are lost because of someone being to cheap to spend $5-$10 for new line although they spent over $100 for the rod and real.  It is the line that brings in your catch. Reels ...

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