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In continuation of my Do-it-Yourself advice...Here are a few more that should not have been done by themselves and a a few that are just Make do with what you have.   NO ICE CHEST... I can fix that!   (I actually like this one)     CAN'T READ THE ATM SCREEN... I can fix that. CAR IMPORTED FROM TH...
A good friend is going through some tough times. I sat with him for a couple of hours and let him talk.  Meanwhile...I listened. After we were all done, he thanked me for listening. "Every one wants to give me advice and they have no idea of what I am going through.  You actually listened and let...
Spring by-passed us here in Minnesota this year.  It was in the 30's on monday and today it was 74!~ We have gone right into summer.  The Canadian Honker Gander was walking around by himself.  His mate on a nest somewhere. The way he is looking I am sure he is also wondering where spring went to ...
I wrote a blog about do-it-yourselfer's. Many people don't understand why some things need to be left for the Professional's. The following are just a few reasons why.   DON'T HAVE A SPOON... I can fix that. SEAR BELT BROKEN... I can fix that!  (Is that a neck brace you are wearing) NEW TV TO BIG...
I am getting to my first game of the year. Twins are playing the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers think they are hot stuff because they scored 9 runs in yesterday's game in the 4th inning. I am happy for them, but I think they should have saved a few of those runs to today's game.   GO TWINS!!!!!   Th...
I understand those who want to do it themselves and save the money. Some of you are very good at it.  Others...not so much. My seller needed to make some repairs.  Called and said they were done and so I called the buyers agent. I get a call fro the agent..."Bill...Are you kidding me?" I was told...
I wrote this morning that my weatherman was funny.  He was trying to tell me that we were getting 6+ inches of snow today. I laughed.  After all it is April 22nd.  Even for Minnesota this much snow is way out of line for this time of year!   It looked like this this morning... Sun was out and the...
I love my weather guy.  He is funny! He makes me laugh, especially lately. Last night we were told that we could see some rain and maybe an inch of snow.  No bit issue. This Morning He tells me to dig out my shovel and gas up the snow blower.  6-10 inches are coming my way. HA HA!  This guy is so...
A good friend of mine, Bill Swanson is losing his long 5 year battle with cancer. But, you would never know it. Anytime that you ask Bill how he was, he was always upbeat.  "Fine, not bad, an occasional great." Bill is going on Hospice tomorrow.  Never a promising sign. Prayers are needed for his...
It is the end of April, well almost, and snow is predicted for the next few days. I saw a flock of geese heading south this morning. The only people I know of that are having a great spring are the ones doing Maple Syrup. But, look at my Christmas Cactus.It is blooming now!  It isn't all that unu...

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