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WE hear a lot about global warming and the poles all melting away. I am no expert, but I have seen what looks like the ice disappearing at the poles. Tonight in my Minnesota local we are looking at record cold! So call it Global Warming...or call it Climate change.  I DON'T CARE....Just let it ge...
In my previous blog I talked about the 9+ inches of snow and the 3-5 additional inches to come. This photo is 8 hours later and you can see the 12 inch ruler I stunk in the snow on my picnic table. It was still snowing!!! Snow was hanging on everything in thick layers. Even the power lines were w...
Now don't take that I am complaining.  The 9+ inches of snow so far is a bother, and the additional 3-5 won't help. I don't complain although it should be close to 60 degrees. I don't complain because I know many people have it worse.  Boston, West Texas, Chicago with flooding and many others. Bu...
Well, most of the snow in my yard is gone.  BUT...the weatherman said that it will soon look like this... WHITE!!!   Just a day or so from right now. But, he told me personally that this should be the end of it and it should look more like this next week... Green grass and flower budding. I belie...
For right now, let's put aside all the people that were hurt by this act.  (we all feel sorry for them, that is not disputed) But during the last school shooting, it seemed like the media was at least trying to keep the scum bag from as recognition as possible. But, this cowardly act in Boston is...
This is the first time I can remember the twins having a complete weather postponement. I rememberthe old Met stadium and the rain outs, but never a snow, sleet and rain out. But, the weather didn't stop these wild turkeys from visiting under my bird feeders for a few morsels.
OK...   It is time for spring!   But, there are some things that many have forgotten about.   WE are looking for that warm weather but what comes with it is not a welcome sight.   It is Minnesota's 'Unofficial' state bird!   WE will spends hundreds if not thousands to keep this one away from us a...
My wife and I are always ready to help others.  Especially those less fortunate than ourselves. But, that has caused us to get in a bind sometimes as far as time.   Things seem to take longer than most people think. WE have had to say no and are learning to say no a bit more often.  We are checki...
I think this cartoon really says it all. Our society is getting farther and farther off track and our elected officials can't seem to get it back on track.   So we just have to try and find someone to get us moving again.   But for now...this is worth thinking about!  
It has been blown out of proportion.  At least in my area. I know predicting what Mother Nature is going to dole out is not all that easy as she changes her mind quickley. But of the 12+ inches we were supposed to get, we have about 3 so far and maybe a couple more tonight. I know I cuss those we...

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