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I heard this today and for Christians it will make the most sense. Jesus had passed away on that cross.  With pass over coming the body had to be buried before sunset for if you touch a dead body on the eve of pass over you are unclean and unable to observe the pass over. While the dicsiples were...
Don't look now, but the Twins won 3 in a row. That is after losing 10 in a row. Some people think the Yanks are tops, but I won't mention Kerrie's name.  Yanks had lost 3 in a row when I was getting some guff. I understand that the Twins may not be tops, but they are giving many teams the fits.  ...
I get this question often. I know what they are asking for the property, but what is the true value. The answer to that is different for every person. I recently sold a large piece of land for 50% over market value.  I informed the buyer that the seller was way above market, but muy buyer loved t...
There are a lot of posts today about Veterans Day.  Gary has for lack of a better word, cartoon, that really says it all.   For families that have lost loved ones no matter if it was this year or years and years ago, there is still a hole in our hearts.I for one will keep this 'cartoon'. On Memor...
Holiday's are fun but I am in need of doing some work. Mostly because the pace is slower and I will be able to catch my breath. I think about the fun weekend and what the Holiday means and I thank all those that gave the ultimate to protect us and this great country. Tomorrow, because of them, I ...
The Minnesota Twins have lost 10 in a row.  10!!!! Makes me frustrated as I have several of them on my fantasy team. But they are professionals and I know they could do worse, but hopefully they find out where their heads should be and start of playing like the team they are capable of being.  Bu...
The water is still very cold and so the fish will be sluggish. The true meaning of fishing will be in the air are they will not be biting very aggressivelyy. That makes me thing of an old joke... The game warden was watching a particular part of the river.  No one was catching much.  But, then do...
Time is a precious commodity.  Every second that passes by is gone forever! So we tend to try and push as much into a day as possible. I try and leave a bit of extra time during the day.  I never know when something runs long or takes longer than I thought it would.  Not leaving ample time means ...
5-6 days of rain and I am ready for the sun. So are the various gardens I have.  the Veggie garden sprung to life this morning in the sun. The flowers are also happy. These pretty purple blossoms are from a bush near the house.  In a week they will be gone. This is a Tulip, although just looking ...
I wrote about my friend, Bill, about 10 days or so ago. Bill was losing his  battle with cancer. Yesterday morning, cancer finally won out.  Bill fought a courageous battle.  Now it is up to his family to be the courageous ones. My heart goes out to the family andI say...Good Bye, my friend.  Unt...

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